Booz Allen Hamilton

Emergent technologies inspire new wave of attacks
Deepfakes, disinformation, IoT-based attacks create new headaches for ITSec: Booz Allen Hamilton
Blockchain could transform clean energy sector
Booz Allen Hamilton highlights ways blockchain can help integrate renewable energy in electricity grids in GCC
Gulf organisations facing new cyberattack threats says BAH
Hackers are developing new means of attack that could put Gulf organisations at risk
Booz Allen Hamilton appoints SVP for MENA region
Rasheed Eltayeb become senior vice president to lead strategy and transformation engagements
IoT security cannot be an afterthought, BAH experts warn
Booz Allen Hamilton highlights the need for UAE organisations to secure IoT alongside traditional IT
Banking in MENA enters digital transformation period
Charles Habak, principal, Financial Services at Booz Allen Hamilton talks banking in the digital era
Customer analytics offer opportunities for UAE retailers; report
Booz Allen Hamilton anticipates that retailers and customers will benefit from the use of customer analytics
Booz Allen Hamilton report highlights cyberattack risks against industrial companies
According to the firm’s report, more incidents involving Industrial Control Systems operators occurred over 2015 and 2016 so far, than ...
‘Smartness barometer needed’ for smart city services
Framework required for measuring smartness of services, says Booz Allen Hamilton
Gulf oil firms 'must' develop more sophisticated data strategies
Booz Allen Hamilton white paper recommends taking advantage of big data technologies

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