Abu Dhabi Municipality empowers mobile workers with Citrix

Municipality fosters digital workforce to increase productivity, reduce costs and save time

El-Khayat: We’ve helped demonstrate that you don’t need to be hitched to a physical desktop to be productive.
El-Khayat: We’ve helped demonstrate that you don’t need to be hitched to a physical desktop to be productive.

Citrix technologies has allowed Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) to cultivate a digital workforce and improve employee productivity.

Abu Dhabi is in the midst of an unprecedented boom. The city has more than doubled in size in the last ten years. ADM sits at the centre of this growth, overseeing real estate developments, agriculture, roads and more. Recently, ADM launched the pilot phase of a five-year project for smart cities and AI, called the Zayed Smart City project, to validate key use cases and its viability. The city-wide project is designed to digitally transform the environmental, social, and financial aspects of urban life to improve the lives of the UAE capital’s citizens and visitors.

To drive this modernisation, ADM tapped Citrix to deploy its Virtual Apps and Desktops to securely publish applications and desktops for end-users on any device over any network.

“Our staff cannot be tied to their desks. We need the freedom to work from anywhere in the city whenever we are needed. This is why we chose Citrix technology,” says Ahmed Abdulsamad Al Hammadi, IT manager, Abu Dhabi Municipality. “We’re one of the most influential government departments in the UAE, and our actions are closely watched by others. So, it’s imperative we have the IT infrastructure to grow and manage growth.”

The most immediate impact of the Citrix solution is on ADM’s 400-plus inspectors. Each has been issued with a tablet and can now access a range of corporate applications from anywhere in the city. This means inspectors can check building permits, health and safety inspections, or code violations, and then input data directly into ADM’s core systems.

“ADM came to us with three innovative challenges: how to ramp up productivity, take control of the sharing and access to corporate data, and establish a more agile approach to working. Working closely with ADM’s IT team, the project was successfully implemented in less than a year,” said Taj El-Khayat, regional director MENA at Citrix. “I’m happy to say the Municipality is now more secure, more effective and more mobile. We’ve helped demonstrate that you don’t need to be hitched to a physical desktop to be productive.”

Deploying Citrix has also allowed ADM to reduce costs, save time and improve security: 

- By standardising tablet devices and switching to thin clients, ADM’s hardware refresh cycle has stretched from three years to five.

- By being able to work effectively from the field, staff are having to travel less. With less time wasted returning to the office to file reports, staff have time for more visits. Senior management can also access applications from home which were previously restricted to the office.

- It is also now also easier for staff to move between ADM offices. Citrix Virtual Desktops allow staff to log in at hot desks in different offices; there are new shared printers and scanners available for mobile workers.

- In the event of a tablet being lost, devices can be locked down centrally. Virtualising the applications environment makes it easier to roll-back and disaster recovery is more robust

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