Kingston enterprise SSDs achieve VMware Ready status

DC500 Series SSDs approved across vSAN environment and vSphere servers

Both DC500R and DC500M are tuned and tested to deliver low latency out to six 9s (99.9999 percent).
Both DC500R and DC500M are tuned and tested to deliver low latency out to six 9s (99.9999 percent).

Kingston DC500R and DC500M SSDs have achieved VMware Ready status and are now supported on VMware vSAN and vSphere for production environments.

Installed in vSAN environments and vSphere servers, the DC500R and DC500M drives deliver enhanced quality of service (QoS) for read-intensive and mixed-use applications including virtualisation. Kingston data centre series SSDs are designed using QoS test scripts developed in-house that measure IO and latency patterns at varying block sizes and queue depths and then tuned to our strict specification for consistency. Both DC500R and DC500M are tuned and tested to deliver low latency out to six 9s (99.9999 percent) of consistency while delivering high throughput and predictable IO.

“We are pleased that the Kingston DC500 series SSDs qualify for the VMware Ready logo, signifying to customers that it has met specific VMware interoperability standards and works effectively with VMware cloud infrastructure. This signifies to customers that Kingston’s enterprise SSDs can be deployed in production environments with confidence and can speed time to value within customer environments,” said Kristen Edwards, director, Technology Alliance Partner Program, VMware.

The VMware Ready program is a co-branding benefit of the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program that makes it easy for customers to identify partner products certified to work with VMware cloud infrastructure. Customers can use these products and services to lower project risks and realize cost savings over custom built solutions.

“Kingston is committed to creating best-in-class enterprise SSDs that deliver high levels of sustained performance that is more importantly both predictable and consistent for enterprise workloads,” said Tony Hollingsbee, SSD Business Manager, Kingston EMEA. “This certification from VMware gives customers the confidence to leverage the performance and value that our DC500 series brings for both read-intensive and mixed-use applications including virtual desktop infrastructure, operational databases, web serving and data analytics.”

Kingston DC500 series SSDs can be found within the online VMware Solution Exchange (VSX), an online marketplace where VMware partners and developers can publish marketing content and downloadable software for customers.

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