Ivanti unified front addresses IT silos

Series of acquisitions fortify product line with machine learning capabilities

Organisations can reduce their workload by 50%, allowing them to focus on more important tasks, said Hammoud.
Organisations can reduce their workload by 50%, allowing them to focus on more important tasks, said Hammoud.

After a period of strategic acquisitions, Ivanti has emerged with a unified platform covering service desk, asset management, workspace management, identity management, security and endpoint management, all embedded with advanced automation capabilities.

One of these acquisitions, RES (acquired two years ago), added artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to Ivanti’s product line, said Husni Hammoud, General Manager, Ivanti Middle East. “Machine learning has now become core to the platform,” he added.

Hammoud gives an illustration of these automation capabilities in action. When a company hires a new employee, the only thing that HR in the company needs to do is input the name, position, location and automatically with this information, the employee gets full accessibility to the company’s IT infrastructure from the first day.

Ivanti platforms also integrate with leading enterprise apps such as SAP or Oracle, Hammoud added.

Unified platform

Ivanti now offers a unified management platform, designed to solve the challenge of silos within organisations. The lack of communication between tools and teams increases risk and cost, slows IT response, and leaves users and the business exposed to cybersecurity threats.

Ivanti wants to break down these silos with increased visibility, shared data, and automated processes. “This is a proposition that is unique to Ivanti; we give you the tools and the platform that provides you with an agile infrastructure, ready to go to market from day one,” he added.

Organisations can also bring this unified platform together in the cloud.

Ivanti Cloud pulls data from across the organisation to provide recommended next steps. This data can help users address emerging issues before they become problems that prevent users from doing their jobs. In turn, this helps reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

“The region has lagged behind in cloud maturity, but this is changing, with increased cloud adoption in all segments,” Hammoud observed.

IT Skills

The issue of skills continues to challenge even well-resourced organisations.

With automation, the skill set a business has in-house will not be as critical. “Organisations can reduce their workload by 50%, allowing them to focus on more important tasks such as development,” said Hammoud.

“Automation is not a tool to minimise headcount; It’s a tool to make your environment more efficient and more productive,” he added.

Ivanti has also fully embraced mobility. “Our technology supports all endpoints, minimising the communication burdens. And by having automation in place, various processes can happen in the back-end allowing users to accomplish various processes by a simple click on a mobile or any other endpoint,” said Hammoud.

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