Infor Coleman AI platform now available

Platform helps enterprises operationalise AI quicker

Infor now brings an enterprise AI ensemble together in a single platform.
Infor now brings an enterprise AI ensemble together in a single platform.

The Infor Coleman AI (artificial intelligence) Platform for embedded machine learning models is now generally available.

The modern enterprise AI environment is characterised by a myriad of developer-centric tools, which are designed primarily for experimental projects. With these tools, it is difficult to implement complete projects — and services quality and speed are painfully slow. As a result, the practical use of AI and machine learning in the enterprise remains low.

With the Infor Coleman AI Platform, enterprises can take advantage of industry-specific starter packs (templates) to accelerate development of repeatable big data, machine learning-based AI projects. These templates are tailored to specific customer data and usage patterns. Further, they are designed for use by “citizen developers,” who don’t need extensive data modelling skills.

When combined with Infor OS (Operating Service), enterprises can simplify and speed up the entire implementation process — giving them the ability to roll out complete, production AI projects in less than six weeks.

Jonathan Wood, general manager, Middle East & Africa, Infor, said, “With other solutions, you have to figure out how to use AI with a multitude of other technologies. We bring an enterprise AI ensemble together in a single platform — through which we can provide a complete Intelligent CloudSuite.”

“The Infor Coleman AI Platform is unique in that it is designed specifically for business users and is built upon a foundation of industry-specific data. At any given moment, it can help with executing tasks and recommending next-best sales offers, or predicting maintenance issues and adjusting production schedules accordingly,” Wood added.

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