Veritas NetBackup certified for protecting Docker containers

NetBackup now extends coverage of modern new workloads like Hadoop or MongoDB

Containerisation of modern workloads in platforms such as Docker is an efficient way to develop and deploy applications.
Containerisation of modern workloads in platforms such as Docker is an efficient way to develop and deploy applications.

NetBackup 8.1.2, the backup and recovery suite from Veritas, has received certification for protecting Docker container based workloads.

With this validation, Veritas’ customers will be able to protect their containerised data and other legacy or modern workloads like SAP Hana, Hadoop or MongoDB in multi cloud, virtual and physical environments.

“Customers can protect their critical data across on-premise deployments and in private and public cloud environments and they will benefit from Veritas’ long term strategy to rapidly support any upcoming new workload in the future,” said Glen Simon, product & solutions marketing at Veritas.

Containerisation of modern workloads are becoming the norm for organisations all around the world as an efficient way to develop and deploy applications. Gartner expects that “by 2020, more than 50% of global organisations will be running containerised applications in production, up less than 20% today.”  This rapid deployment is leading to questions about data integrity as an increasing number of new containerised applications are designed to create and modify persistent data. This evolution is emphasising the need for mature backup and recovery processes that protect containerised data and applications wherever they reside.

As a Docker Certified Container for backup and recovery, Veritas offers three different ways to protect containers with NetBackup. Veritas has developed a containerised NetBackup client that can be deployed as a container and utilised to protect persistent application data in this dynamic environment. Certification to the Docker Enterprise platform ensures a smooth deployment for the customer with cooperative support from both Docker and Veritas for production environments.

Veritas customers can also protect their physical environments as well as their modern virtual and multi-cloud deployments as the latest NetBackup 8.1.2 supports Docker and other next-generation workloads like Hadoop, Nutanix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, HBase and MongoDB.

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