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Barracuda protects across the datacentre, cloud and edge

Many companies are under-staffed and ill-equipped to deal with the volume of phishing attacks, Inati said.
Many companies are under-staffed and ill-equipped to deal with the volume of phishing attacks, Inati said.

Cloud has been enthusiastically embraced by organisations, big and small.

While many of these organisations have moved at least a subset of their workload to public cloud services, most companies will end up with a hybrid environment, using a public cloud, but still having services hosted locally in a data centre.

In addition, organisations do not necessarily just pick one public cloud provider, but use multiple, and end up in a hybrid multi-cloud environment. That can be quite challenging if it comes to secure connectivity between clouds, local data centre, and office workers, observed Toni El Inati, RVP Sales, Middle East, Turkey & CEE, Barracuda Networks.

Barracuda’s CloudGen Firewall provides secure SD-WAN functionality, which recently has been medalled as “Recommended” by NSS Labs. “This platform ensures that there is always enough bandwidth for business-critical applications, by utilising multiple uplinks simultaneously and automatically making dynamic, on-the-fly adjustments to QoS and application usage policies depending on real-time bandwidth and latency measurements,” explained Inati.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall is available for all major public cloud providers as a pay-as-you-go subscription or as a ‘bring your own license’ model.

Distributed environment

The rising popularity of internet of things means that a huge number of devices, which typically were not built with security in mind, suddenly get connected to a private or public network, Inati said.

A common requirement in IoT projects is secure connectivity for a distributed environment, which in many cases consists of hundreds or even thousands of ‘things’. Those devices are typically located in remote locations where the connectivity question needs to be addressed in any case, before it can report monitoring data or receive control commands. Another aspect besides security, of course, is manageability of a huge number of distributed devices.

Instead of just providing simple connectivity, an effective IoT security platform should address all three major requirements: connectivity, security, and manageability, in a single solution, said Inati.

“Barracuda’s Secure Connector appliances were designed to securely connect up to thousands of distributed devices,” said Inati.

Zero-touch deployment allows a seamless installation without IT specialists on-premise. The Secure Connector just needs to be plugged in and establishes a secure VPN connection back to its Secure Access Controller (SAC), which is the hub and comes as a virtual machine in a private data centre or public cloud. The Secure Connector supports connections over Ethernet, Wi-Fi (as an access point or client), and has a built-in LTE/4G modem.

Traffic from IoT devices behind the Secure Connector is always routed back to the SAC, where security policies and protection mechanisms such as antivirus, IPS, Advanced Threat Protection and many more are enforced to protect the device. Industrial protocols can be detected, and a subset of allowed commands can be enforced on the SAC. All the involved components are centrally managed from the Barracuda Firewall Control Centre, a single pane of glass for thousands of devices.


Many companies are under-staffed and ill-equipped to deal with the volume of phishing attacks and other security issues they are facing today, Inati observed.

Barracuda PhishLine helps transform employees into a line of defence against advanced email attacks (spear phishing, business email compromise, account takeover) through security awareness training. It helps organisations develop email security protection beyond the gateway, said Inati.

“With PhishLine, organisations can help significantly reduce the risk of damaging social engineering attacks before they can cause serious financial and brand damage. Analytics and reporting tools in the solution help identify the highest risk departments and employees who need the training most and drive them towards continuous improvement,” Inati explained.

PhishLine is included in Barracuda’s Total Email Protection suite, which also includes gateway defence, inbox defence with AI for spear phishing, forensics and incident response.

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