Mimecast announces cyber-alliance program

The cybersecurity provider’s newest initiative is reported to focus on bringing cyber software vendors together for the benefit of the customers.

Christina Van Houten, chief strategy officer at Mimecast
Christina Van Houten, chief strategy officer at Mimecast

Email and data securities company Mimecast Ltd. launched a new program on Tuesday, designed to align security vendors into a cyber-reliance ecosystem for the benefit of the customer. Dubbed the Cyber Alliance Program, the initiative is reported to be based on the premise of strengthening products and creating additional protection for the customer by sharing data about threats, malicious code and attack vectors among cyber vendors, thereby helping each product increase in effectiveness and pushing customers to become cyber-resilient.

Among the many benefits of the Cyber Alliance Program, customers and partners are reported to receive purpose-built, ready to use integrations from “market-leading vendors,” out-of-the-box APIs for rapid development, documented guides with sample code in five development languages, and tutorials explaining how and when to use the integrations in an organisation’s environment. Mimecast’s spokespeople added in a statement that the program will cover cybersecurity categories including SIEM, SOAR, firewall, threat intelligence and endpoint-security vendors.

Elaborating on the Cyber Alliance Program’s mission statement, Mimecast’s chief strategy officer Christina Van Houten said, “The goal of creating the Cyber Alliance Program is to provide an ecosystem of like-minded vendors who want to help customers efficiently and effectively protect their infrastructures, helping organisations build a more cyber resilient world.” She added, “Organisations are often strapped from a resource and budget perspective, yet, IT admins are still responsible for processing and responding to alerts, all while managing a variety of disparate security solutions. Automation through interaction with Mimecast APIs helps streamline and simplify these efforts as they bolster cyber resilience.”

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