From the magazine: Network Middle East profiles Bosch Building Technologies

The security, safety and communications products vendor pursues regional expansion

Increasing intelligence and data availability are also a great advantage in the modern surveillance landscape, Ozyigit said.
Increasing intelligence and data availability are also a great advantage in the modern surveillance landscape, Ozyigit said.

What is your company’s history – including Middle East History?

As part of Robert Bosch Middle East with a hub office in Dubai, Bosch Building Technologies Middle East works closely with the division’s EMEA headquarters in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The division started operations in the Middle East in 2003 in Dubai with a small team of three to cater to the GCC and Yemen. Since then, the team has grown to 27 associates located across five offices in the region and handling 13 countries.

What is your company’s core competence?

As a part of Bosch Group, we offer our customers a range of products, systems and services for security, safety and communication as well as solutions for energy services and building automation in selected countries.

Our product portfolio includes video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice alarm, as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conferencing systems for voice, sound and music transmission complete the range.

With our wide product portfolio, engineered solutions and related value-added services, we are keen to leverage the potential of IP technology and internet of things (IoT) in the region.

What are some of the trends impacting your sector?

The security sector is currently undergoing a shift towards networking and digitalisation, especially within the IoT space. We see rising demand for integrated security solutions from a single source. Customers are asking for a domain-wide comprehensive solution delivered with required software as well as related services.

Increasing intelligence and data availability are also a great advantage in the modern surveillance landscape. With data analysis fire detectors can, for instance, report the presence of hazardous conditions automatically and proactively, allowing for timely maintenance or replacement, before it leads to downtime. This not only saves costs but increases overall security.

In the context of networking and digitalisation, the topic of cybersecurity becomes increasingly pertinent. Let us talk about video systems for example. At Bosch, our four-step approach that considers the entire video security infrastructure guarantees some the highest industry standards.

Increasing intelligence and data availability are also a great advantage in the modern surveillance landscape.

Discuss the latest solutions from your company and the impact you see in the market

AVIOTEC, one of our latest products, is a solution for reliable and early fire detection in challenging environments. Using intelligent algorithms embedded in the surveillance cameras, AVIOTEC can identify smoke and flames as soon as they come into camera range instead of having to wait for smoke to trigger detectors. The video-based fire detector has received the world's first recognition from VdS Damage Prevention, (Europe´s leading institute for fire protection and security,) as an automated video camera for visual fire surveillance.

The soon-to-be-launched PRAESENSA is the latest public address and voice alarm system from Bosch. All components of the system are networked, thereby ensuring flexibility and scalability from small to large decentralised systems. The multi-channel amplifier architecture with intelligent power allocation across the amplifier outputs and integrated spare channel is designed to improve the utilisation of available power, regardless of the loudspeaker load in each zone. As a result, fewer amplifiers are needed, saving up to 50% on space, energy and backup battery power and leading to a more competitive cost of ownership.

What is your presence in the Middle East?

Our regional team is based in Dubai and handles various functional responsibilities such as sales, business development, product marketing, marketing, solution design, projects and controlling, while the remaining members spread around the region (including in Lebanon, KSA and Pakistan) handle Business Development in their respective markets.

Describe some of your biggest successes in the region

We have taken part in the development of the infrastructure of some of the biggest projects in the Middle East, covering numerous industries such as airports, metros, stadiums, malls and religious structures.

What are your regional goals for the rest of the year and beyond?

Our goal is to be the leading provider for security and safety systems in the Middle East, working in multiple domains and industries. Bosch Building Technologies aims to be the go-to partner for consultants, end-users and other stakeholders. Our current focus in terms of industries includes transportation, aviation, healthcare and government entities.

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