D-Link camera prone to hacking, ESET experts warn

Vulnerabilities in a D-Link cloud camera could allow intruders to spy on targets video streams

The D-Link DCS-2132L cloud camera sends out vulnerable unencrypted video stream.
The D-Link DCS-2132L cloud camera sends out vulnerable unencrypted video stream.

Multiple security vulnerabilities in the D-Link cloud camera DCS-2132L could allow intruders to spy on victims’ video streams, ESET researchers have disclosed.  

The manufacturer has mitigated some of the reported vulnerabilities after being notified, yet others still loom, the cybersecurity firm has announced.

The most serious issue with the D-Link DCS-2132L cloud camera is the unencrypted transmission of the video stream, said ESET researcher Milan Fránik, based at the ESET Research Lab in Bratislava.

“The camera runs unencrypted over both connections – between the camera and the cloud and between the cloud and the client-side viewer app – providing fertile ground for man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks and allowing intruders to spy on victims’ video streams,” Fránik warned.  

Another critical weakness with the camera was hidden in the “myDlink services” web browser plug-in. This is one of the forms of the viewer app available to the user; others include mobile apps, which were not part of the ESET research. 

The web browser plug-in manages the creation of the TCP tunnel and the live video playback in the client’s browser but is also responsible for forwarding requests for both the video and audio data streams through a tunnel, which listens on a dynamically generated port on localhost.

“The plug-in vulnerability could have had dire consequences for the security of the camera, as it made it possible for the attackers to replace the legitimate firmware with their own rigged or back-doored version,” said Fránik.

ESET has reported all the vulnerabilities found to the manufacturer. Some of the vulnerabilities – primarily in the myDlink plug-in – have since been mitigated and patched via update, yet issues with the unencrypted transmission persist.

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