Kaspersky helps identifies bugs in popular automated industrial system software
Vulnerabilities potentially allowed attacker to conduct covert remote and local attacks
Online safety for kids-a guide for parents
Tomas Foltyn, security writer at ESET asks, Are you – and especially your children – aware of the risks that ...
Opinion: virtual meeting rooms and increased cybersecurity threats
Ramzi Itani, VP for Middle East and Africa at Barco, on how to secure BYOD
Web mining produces upto 800 tons of CO2 per year: report
Kaspersky researchers assess the environmental impact of cryptocurrency web mining
IT providers in Saudi Arabia targeted by supply chain attacks: report
End goal seems to gain access to the networks of IT providers’ customers, Symantec says
King Abdulaziz University wins Cyber Saber Hackathon in KSA
ITC, the exclusive sponsor, awarded cash prizes to the winners
Hack in the Box to host largest edition in Abu Dhabi
The 2019 HITB+CyberWeek wants to inspire next generation of cyber security stars
Opinion: Configuration mistakes that provide field days for hackers
Tim Bandos, VP of cybersecurity at Digital Guardian picks common security blunders that leave businesses exposed
Almost half of small businesses have suffered a data breach in 2019: Kaspersky
More than a quarter of companies use consumer products for protection
Attacks targeting Apple users rise sharply: Kaspersky
Phishing attacks targeting ‘i-users’ increased by 9% to reach 1.6 million in less than a year
Cloud security essentials—session monitoring
In this byline, Morey Haber, CTO & CISO at BeyondTrust highlights the importance of session monitoring in cloud environments
More than 99% of cyberattacks need human intervention: report
Proofpoint report shows threat actors continue to use socially-engineered attacks
Fifth Oman National Cybersecurity Drill concludes
More than 70 govt entities and critical infrastructure sector units participated
Kaspersky extends Microsoft Office 365 protection to OneDrive
Prevents malware from infiltrating OneDrive and spreading across the network

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