Armor selects Qualys VMDR for vulnerability threat management

Armor customers among the first to benefit from VMDR which automates the entire vulnerability lifecycle into a single app

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Qualys has announced that Armor, a global provider of cybersecurity software that protects workloads in public, hybrid and private cloud environments, is embedding Qualys VMDR — Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response — into Armor Anywhere, a cloud security platform.

Armor Anywhere customers will now have access to the newly announced Qualys VMDR app as part of a holistic solution to meet their Vulnerability Threat Management (VTM) requirements and provide visibility across their entire hybrid IT environment. Qualys Cloud Agents are embedded and fully integrated with the Armor platform to deliver asset discovery and inventory, plus vulnerability assessment, including configuration controls, threat prioritisation and patch detection, to Armor customers.

“Qualys VMDR is a key addition to Armor Anywhere,” said Josh Bosquez, Armor CTO. “Qualys has combined years of experience and industry expertise to build into a single application the major elements and functionality needed to launch and maintain a robust Vulnerability Threat Management solution.

“Using Qualys VMDR, Armor can quickly discover, assess, prioritise and patch any critical vulnerabilities which might be present in our customers’ IT environments. By integrating Qualys VMDR with the industry-leading detection, analysis and response capabilities of our cloud security platform, we are providing our customers with the very best cloud security protection available on the market today. No matter where our customers’ data and applications reside, we can provide them full protection, in public, hybrid or private cloud environments.”

“We are delighted to work with Armor as they are a leader in providing hybrid cloud security products for their customers,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys. “With this partnership, Armor customers will be among the first to benefit from our newly launched VMDR offering, which provides an all-in-one cloud-based app that automates the entire vulnerability management cycle — significantly accelerating the threat response and helping to prevent breaches.”

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