Private connectivity at the edge to double every two years in EMEA

Equinix study shows two-thirds of businesses are using interconnection to reduce connectivity costs

One of the ways businesses can use the cloud more securely is through direct, dedicated interconnections, said Schlosser.
One of the ways businesses can use the cloud more securely is through direct, dedicated interconnections, said Schlosser.

Private connectivity at the edge will grow by 51% annually in EMEA, and exceed a total bandwidth capacity of more than 13,300 Tbps, equivalent to 53 zettabytes of data exchanged annually.

This is according to the latest Global Interconnection Index (GXI), an annual market study published by Equinix.

This bandwidth is enough to support every person on earth simultaneously downloading a complete season of Game of Thrones in ultra-high definition resolution in less than a single day.

Jeroen Schlosser, managing director, Equinix MENA said, “Interconnection is key to ensure full digital transformation and for this, businesses will need to grow their interconnection bandwidth capacity (data exchange capacity). Every MENA business must understand and leverage Interconnection Bandwidth to compete in the digital age. This will require a regional drive among IT chiefs to re-architect their companies’ IT platforms.”

Interconnection bandwidth – the capacity for direct and private traffic exchange between key business partners – is an essential component to digital business and validates that to compete in the digital economy, companies must address growing data volumes and increasing data exchange velocity across a rising number of clouds and business ecosystems. According to a separate independent survey commissioned by Equinix of more than 2,450 global senior IT professionals, almost half (48%) of global IT decision-makers believe interconnection is a key facilitator of digital transformation.

The survey also reveals that in the UAE, 7 out of 10 (70%) IT decision-makers think interconnection is a key facilitator of digital transformation, with over two-thirds (68%) of IT decision-makers using interconnection to reduce the cost of connectivity.

The survey also touches upon the priorities of UAE organisations that dictate their technology strategies. According to the findings, over three-quarters (77%) of IT decision-makers consider improving cybersecurity as a top priority for their organisation’s technology strategy, followed by 73% who consider improving customer/user experience to be the priority.

In response to rapidly growing volumes of data, enterprise consumption of interconnection bandwidth will grow at a 64% CAGR globally, outpacing other forms of business data exchange. This is due to be even higher for EMEA, with consumption growing at a 67% CAGR, leading enterprises to account for 60% of total interconnection bandwidth in 2022.

To manage increasing volumes of data, enterprises are on average deploying in nine locations, with a total of 340 interconnections to networks clouds and business partners. The survey shines more light on this – IT decision-makers in EMEA are utilizing interconnection to connect to other enterprises (25%, UAE – 32%), network service providers (31%, UAE – 32%) and cloud service providers (26%, UAE – 31%).

The survey also found that nearly two thirds (66%) of IT decision-makers in the UAE believe interconnection can help their business to gain a competitive advantage within the marketplace.

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