Save the date: ITP Technology Group launches Education Week 2020 and ‘Future of the Classroom’ webinar

The free-to-view webinar will air on the 17th of September as part of a content-intensive agenda around the changing face of education and technology’s role in facilitating it

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The education sector is rapidly transforming to accommodate distance learning and derive new methods of teaching. Increased connectivity and technology uptake have promoted outside-the-box thinking and innovation in the education sector. Educators have already started tapping into the digital revolution to take advantage of adopting new technologies and methodologies.

From 13th to the 17th of September, ITP Technology Group will explore the different ways in which technology is transforming classrooms and disrupting education to prepare students for the future.

Save the date:
‘Future of the Classroom’ roundtable
Thursday, 21st September 2020

Starting Sunday September 13, you can tune in to for a week of engaging content on implementing technology in education and how it can impact student learning and well-being. The education week concludes with a free-to-view roundtable titled “Future of the Classroom” to be aired on 21st of September 2020.

During the roundtable we will speak to a panel of distinguished industry experts about digital learning practices, innovative teaching methodologies and the technology that is driving rapid transformation in the education sector. Each session will focus on a different aspect of technology, objectively looking at the risk, rewards and necessity of increased technology within schools.

You will also walk away with insights into teaching and learning practices that can support students in obtaining the required skills and competences that help them to meet the challenges of the working life.

Click here to register and be a part of the roundtable.

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