Vendor profile: AppDynamics, an application performance monitoring company

AppDynamics provides enterprises with real-time insights into application performance, user performance and business performance: David Noël

David Noël, regional vice president Middle East, Africa & Russia CIS, AppDynamics.
David Noël, regional vice president Middle East, Africa & Russia CIS, AppDynamics.

What is your company’s history-including Middle East History?

AppDynamics is the world’s largest and fastest growing Application Performance Monitoring (APM) company. Founded in 2008, the company quickly grew to become the leader in the burgeoning APM sector, capitalising on an explosion in digital business and enterprise applications.

In January 2017, Cisco acquired AppDynamics for USD$3.7bn making it one of the highest valued software acquisitions of all time.

Driven by strong demand for our solutions from regional enterprises, particularly in the telecom, airline, and banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sectors, we launched our Middle East operations in August 2016. Since then, we have exponentially grown our direct sales teams and partner ecosystem and have a strong presence across all the key regional markets.

What is your company’s core competence?

Today, digital experiences are how consumers engage with the world and, in many cases, how they engage with brands. So, when these digital experiences fail to deliver due to an outage or performance issue, customers take notice. And this can cause irreparable damage, not only to the brand, but to a business’ bottom line.

AppDynamics provides enterprises with real-time insights into application performance, user performance and business performance. We monitor every critical swipe, tap and click in a user journey.

Our unified suite of application and business performance monitoring solutions ensure that every part of even the most complex, multi-cloud environments — from software to infrastructure to business outcomes — is highly visible, optimised, and primed to drive growth. This enables enterprises to move faster in an increasingly sophisticated, software-driven world.

Company milestones

  • 2008: AppDynamics founded
  • 2016: Launch of Business iQ
  • 2016: Established first office in Middle East
  • 2017: Acquired by Cisco for USD $3.7bn
  • 2018: Launched Cisco and AppDynamics’ vision of the Central Nervous System for IT
  • 2018: AppDynamics Global Tour Dubai premiers in region
  • 2018: Agents of Transformation campaign launches
  • 2019: Hosted the first global, virtual APM user event: Transform
  • 2020: Experience Journey Map launched at Cisco Live Barcelona
  • 2020: Announced AppDynamics COVID-19 Assist Program

What are some of the trends impacting your sector?

The most significant trend we’ve seen is the seismic shift in the way consumers interact and engage with digital services and applications. We’ve identified a change in consumers’ reliance on applications and digital services, and how these digital dependencies impact consumers’ expectations and tolerance of the businesses and brands they engage with.

More than half of consumers (54%) now place a higher value on their digital interactions with brands over the physical ones, and two thirds (66%) of consumers claim they would avoid trying a brand known for delivering poor digital experience (AppDynamics App Attention Index Report 2019). This has inevitable consequences for the urgency with which brands must take action in order to remain relevant and competitive in a world where application loyalty is the new brand loyalty.

In recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the reliance, that consumers have, on applications and digital services. The biggest challenge for us today is helping customers to deliver business-critical digital services to end users when they need it most. In response, we announced the AppDynamics COVID-19 Assist Program, which includes access to free licenses, services and information for technologists around the world.

Discuss the latest solutions from your company and the impact you see in the market.

Earlier this year AppDynamics unveiled Experience Journey Map, a milestone development in the AppDynamics platform. Experience Journey Map gives application owners a ‘performance-lens view’ of user behaviour, enabling them to identify problem areas and determine root cause more easily. It uses Machine Learning to ingest data in the application and Artificial Intelligence to automatically prioritise and solve problems in real-time. Unlike any other solution on the market, Experience Journey Map provides a complete end-to-end view of customer journeys across applications, enabling our customers to make smart decisions in less time.

We also revealed how it will work in conjunction with Cisco’s Intersight Workload Optimizer to give application and infrastructure teams a shared view of infrastructure requirements that affect application performance, user experience, and business impact.

These announcements form part of Cisco and AppDynamics’ vision for AIOps - the Central Nervous System (CNS) for IT.

What is your presence in the Middle East?

The UAE and Saudi are strategic markets for AppDynamics. To that end, we have made considerable investments in the region since we opened our first office in Dubai in August 2016. Today, we operate multiple offices in the region, have grown our direct sales and professional services teams and have expanded our channel partner ecosystem to ensure strong coverage in each of our target markets. This is enabling us to grow our presence across the wider Gulf region.

Describe some of your biggest successes in the region.

I was the first employee in the Middle East and as regional VP it’s been hugely rewarding to have played a prominent role in our growth and success.

In less than four years, AppDynamics has built an exceptionally strong, motivated and high-performing team in the Middle East and established a reputation as the market leader in APM. Today, some of the largest and most notable regional enterprises, including the likes of Daman National Insurance and The Kingdom of Bahrain Information & eGovernment Authority, rely on AppDynamics to ensure they can provide their customers with unparalleled digital experiences.

What are your regional goals for the rest of the year and beyond?

We cannot ignore the impact that COVID-19 is having on businesses across the region. Many organisations are seeing a surge in traffic on websites and mission-critical internal and external applications and so first and foremost, we want to reassure customers that we are committed to providing them with the services and support to ensure their business continuity.

With applications at the very centre of how modern businesses operate today, we see tremendous market opportunity. This is both in terms of reaching new customers that are looking to improve their application performance and the digital experiences they offer, as well as deepening our engagement with existing customers. We will continue to invest in the region, and over the next 12-18 months, will continue to grow our team, enter new markets and expand our channel ecosystem.

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