HPE updates intelligent data platform with autonomous operations and storage class memory

New capabilities include self-optimising system operations with embedded AI in HPE Primera and advanced cross-stack analytics in HPE InfoSight for Hyper-V

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced advancements to HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage, including an AI-driven, self-healing and self-optimised system that delivers real-time autonomous operations. This is part of a comprehensive update to the Intelligent Data Platform that provides customers with an AI-driven, built for cloud, as a service offering that results in unmatched application availability and performance, agility, and automation. 

Omer Asad, VP and GM of HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage, said: “HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage customers are able to accelerate innovation and adapt to the changing circumstances of their businesses, while also preserving cash flow via HPE GreenLake, without compromise to applications. HPE reduces risk, eliminates complexity and lowers costs associated with data protection, and has the world’s smartest storage that utilises AI to self-optimise in real-time, giving customers the power to run their infrastructure with agility and reliability.”

HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage overcome the agility versus reliability tradeoff between the public cloud and traditional enterprise storage by providing a modern, as-a-service experience through HPE GreenLake, combined with intelligence and automation that ensures applications are always-on and available.

New capabilities include:

  • Self-optimising system operations with embedded AI in HPE Primera, and advanced cross-stack analytics in HPE InfoSight for Hyper-V
  • Disaster recovery from a metro-wide disaster with 3-site replication across global sites for HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage, and near-instant asynchronous replication for HPE Primera
  • All-NVMe support for HPE Primera that improves performance density, and Storage Class Memory for HPE Nimble Storage that delivers 2X faster response times
  • On-demand storage automation optimised for virtualisation and containers for HPE Primera

HPE Primera is architected with an embedded AI engine that processes globally trained machine learning models to deliver real-time predictions into application behavior and performance patterns.

With HPE Nimble Storage, enterprises have a highly available platform with six-nines of measured availability, HPE Peer Persistence with automatic failover across 2-sites, and asynchronous replication on-premises or to the cloud for extended distances. Now, multi-site replication enables 3-site replication – including to the cloud – delivering protection against a metro-wide disaster along with the flexibility in the cloud to use data for test/dev and analytics.

For both HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage, replication can be configured in minutes with no specialised storage skills, no additional software fees, and no professional services required.  Now, HPE Primera supports all-NVMe, bringing its massively parallel architecture to deliver higher performance density. For SAP HANA, HPE Primera with all-NVMe now supports 2X the number of SAP HANA nodes at half the price.

HPE Primera now supports vVols, joining HPE Nimble Storage, to deliver a comprehensive set of vVols capabilities, including disaster recovery with support for Site Recovery Manager.

Further, it now supports the CSI Driver for Kubernetes, joining HPE Nimble Storage, to deliver a developer-centric storage experience for dynamic provisioning and enterprise data services.  This enables persistent storage for mission-critical applications deployed on container orchestration platforms, including the HPE Container Platform.

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