Kodak Alaris launches new network scanner, software

New products connect document capture to existing business apps and the cloud

Channel partners can install and manage a fleet of devices while helping customers onboard information into business processes.
Channel partners can install and manage a fleet of devices while helping customers onboard information into business processes.

Kodak Alaris is launching a new range of network-connected scanning products including the Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution and the Kodak Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanner.

The new range of connected scanners automate business processes by connecting document capture to existing business systems and the cloud. Benefits include fewer touchpoints and less human error, making the entire information capture faster and more efficient.

“Exception handling and the opportunity for immediate corrective action is critical,” said Don Lofstrom, president & general manager, Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business. “Reconstructing and re-scanning documents is difficult and costly. Bi-directional communication enabled by Alaris APIs is a game changer.”

INfuse also offers an opportunity for channel partners to install and manage a fleet of devices while helping enterprise customers onboard information into business processes.

It incorporates partner software application, which allows an Alaris channel partner or solution provider (typically an ISV or Integrator) to offer a cloud-based enterprise solution such as invoice processing, medical records management, or customer account management. The partner’s software or line-of-business application integrates with Alaris APIs.

INfuse Management Software provides easy end-user set-up, remote configuration and fleet management through a bi-directional API provided by Alaris. End users simply scan a smart set-up sheet provided by the partner and they are up and running with no training required, which slashes upfront and ongoing management costs.

The INfuse AX Scanner is a smart network scanning device requiring no PC or software/drivers that transfers data, metadata and finished image files directly into a business process. INfuse offers enterprise-level security, including a separate data path and control path to isolate confidential content for secure transmission. The INfuse AX Scanner can be configured to carry the partner’s branding on its display.

The INfuse Solution connects to the Alaris partner’s business process and enables end users to onboard content directly into that workflow. When a scan is successfully transmitted and form fields are validated, the end user receives real-time acknowledgement and immediate exception notifications. This means missing forms, signatures, and other critical information can be detected and corrected instantly, saving money and improving employee productivity.

Kodak Scan Station 730EX Plus scanner

Also new from Alaris is the Kodak Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanner. The Scan Station 730EX Plus is a network scanner that securely automates document capture and allows for fully finished files to be scanned directly into business processes. Like INfuse, the Scan Station is a network-connected solution that sits at the edge of workflows and operates in a wide range of customer environments. It offers embedded Windows 10 IOT Enterprise Operating System and network domain authentication for secure log-in.

The new Scan Station is ideal for capture and advanced processing such as OCR, all done in the scanner. It is specifically designed for integrators to create custom solutions. Partner applications can be loaded on the scanner, extending the capture solution to address the unique needs of the partner and end user. The Scan Station is well-suited for customer-facing environments where MFPs, peripheral scanners and PCs don’t make operational or financial sense.

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