Dell EMC updates server portfolio

New enhancements to PowerEdge servers and OpenManage OS boosts performance, security

Dell EMC continued to be number one in both x86 server revenue and units shipped globally.
Dell EMC continued to be number one in both x86 server revenue and units shipped globally.

Dell EMC has announced several enhancements to Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, promising improved management, security, performance and scalability.

With these advancements to PowerEdge servers and OpenManage systems management, Dell EMC wants to create the go-to compute platform for cloud, analytics and software-defined data centre initiatives.

Advancements to Dell EMC PowerEdge and Dell EMC OpenManage systems management offer customers more control to manage their server infrastructure and to mitigate threats, backed by a new boost in performance and scalability. Among the new features, the introduction of OpenManage FlexSelect Manage and FlexSelect Secure provides improved flexibility for managing and securing PowerEdge systems.

FlexSelect Manage architecture offers customers new flexibility to choose among specific OpenManage Enterprise capabilities. Delivered first by a power management plug-in, this reduces the number of consoles necessary to match users’ own specific needs and further streamline management efficiency.

New enhancements to the Redfish-compliant Dell EMC RESTful API for control of even more server operations and devices including new flexibility to manage servers directly from an operating system in addition to a typical management network. This enables users to more easily integrate PowerEdge servers into their existing processes for a more consistent server management experience.

New OpenManage FlexSelect Secure capability gives customers more flexibility; for example, new security and encryption options added to the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) offer flexibility to allow communications among server components and outside connectivity based on one’s own security policies.

PowerEdge servers with 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors offer up to a 40% increase in performance for core business applications, helping to improve organisations’ overall internal and external customer experiences. Easy BIOS tuning with workload-optimised server configuration profiles allow customers to configure optimal performance as they add new technologies or workloads.

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