Phishing attempts rise sharply in past three months: Mimecast
Number of emails delivered with malicious URLs increase by 126%, latest Email Security Risk Assessment report reveals
FireEye latest email update includes executive impersonation protection
Malware-less attacks are becoming an increasingly prevalent concern
Cybercrime costs $1.13m every minute
RiskIQ's Evil Internet Minute shows $1.13m is lost to cybercrime every minute
Phishing attacks take aim at financial data in Q2
Kaspersky Lab data shows one third of phishing attacks were related to financial services
Symantec launches new solution to block email threats
Email Threat Isolation aims to protect end users from malicious email content
BEC scammers arrested in global law enforcement action
FBI leads arrests of 74 people in five countries in business email compromise crackdown
Hackers target government and business leaders on holidays
Fireye uncovers hacking campaign against hotels that appears to looking for high profile guests
Phishing set to plague region, warns ESET
Company MD urges caution as info-snatchers escalate campaigns
FireEye launches cloud-based email protection
FireEye Email Threat Prevention to help protect from phishing attacks
Companies need to protect application layer says Paladion
Paladion Networks says organisations still focused on network perimeter defence
Tech companies collaborate to fight phishing
Email, technology and financial service providers join together to create tools to cut fraudulent mails

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