McAfee pitches threat intelligence service with MVISION Insights
New solution to help organisations prioritise threats, predict if countermeasures will work and prescribe corrective actions
ESET Researchers Discover New Android Ransomware
A new ransomware family, which ESET detects as CryCryptor, has been targeting Android users in Canada under the guise of ...
How LoveBug changed the IT security landscape
On the 20th anniversary of The LoveBug malware, we caught up with Mark Nutt, EVP EMEA at Veritas to discuss ...
Winnti Group targets video game developers: ESET
The new modular backdoor PipeMon is signed with a code-signing certificate likely stolen during a previous campaign and shares similarities ...
Increase in malware and spam in the MENA region: Mimecast report
The report provides a clear picture of how malicious actors are exploiting opportunities
37% of banking malware targets corporate users in the UAE
Banking Trojans or ‘bankers’ are one of the most widespread tools for cybercriminals as they focus on stealing mone
Sophos reveals how ransomware families attack
Playbook covers attack tools and techniques used by 11 major ransomware families
Proofpoint report reveals Emotet’s growing global footprint, also targeting Middle East
Emotet lures victims with branding designed to look like legitimate emails
‘Top 5’ list of malware discovered in 2019
ESET researchers look back at some of the most pertinent malware discoveries of the year 2019
Stalkerware incidents increase by 35% in 2019: Kaspersky
Installation attempts surpassed 37,000 in the first eight months of 2019

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