Kaspersky Lab

Scammers target job seekers with money-stealing scheme
Kaspersky Lab uncovers a spam email campaign featuring fake job-offers in large corporations
Kaspersky Lab donates to Gulf for Good during Ramadan
Part of the revenue from sales of some of its popular products to help children in need
Kaspersky Lab eases security teams’ burden with latest product
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business provides greater control and automatic anomaly detection
Is digital clutter leaving your business exposed?
A report from Kaspersky Lab finds correlations between digital clutter at work and human habits
Kaspersky Lab aims to protect blockchain biz against cybercrime
Various threats and cybersecurity risks around the crypto economy have exploded
Malware attacks in META region double in Q1 2019
Kaspersky Lab report shows ransomware attacks shrank as hackers diverted attention elsewhere
Kaspersky Lab uncovers critical vulnerability in Windows
Unidentified group of exploit weakness to target the core of computer systems, the kernel
Managed security services give businesses a fighting chance
Managed security services increasingly becoming a security best-practice for organisations
Kaspersky Lab opens new transparency centre in Madrid
Second of such facilities gives stakeholders access to the source code of its products for verification
MSS give businesses a fighting chance
Managed security services let businesses focus on operations while critical assets are protected
Half of ICS computers targeted by hackers: report
Industries in Algeria and Tunisia among the most affected, Kaspersky Lab report shows

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