Kaspersky Lab

Russian Doll-style malware hunts Pirate Bay users
PirateMatryoshka malware carries a Trojan-downloader disguised as a hacked version of legitimate software
Kaspersky Lab launches new training programme
Half of companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia blame employees for lapse in their IT security strategy
Cybercriminals shift from quantity to quality in DDoS attacks in 2018
The low cost of DDoS-as-hire makes such attacks one of the most affordable cyberweapons
Foreign embassies in Iran targeted by local cyberespionage group: Kaspersky Lab
Newly discovered Remexi malware able to execute commands remotely and to seize screenshots and browser data
Kaspersky Lab’s new product targets web-based attacks
Kaspersky Web Traffic Security reinforces web gateways, backed by machine learning
Kaspersky Lab helps take down industrial IoT threats
Experts identify seven previously unknown vulnerabilities in ThingsPro Suite, an industrial IoT platform
CISOs fight for budgets, influence, in boardrooms
IT security leaders stuck in a vicious circle of risk, Kaspersky Lab report says
Your digital identity could be on sale for less than $50
New Dark Web research from Kaspersky Lab sheds light on complex underground marketplaces for stolen identities
Kaspersky Lab uncovers third Windows zero day exploit in three months
Exploit can bypass built-in exploit mitigation mechanisms in modern web browsers, including Chrome and Edge
Cyber security and IP cameras: the threat is real
As recent events demonstrate, unprotected connected devices are being used to target corporate networks
A third of shoppers have had their financial credentials compromised: report
Kaspersky Lab experts warn against letting the guard down during holiday shopping frenzy

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