Kaspersky Lab

Mobile banking Trojans rise sharply in Q1: report
Kaspersky Lab IT threat evolution in Q1 2019 shows 58% rise in malicious mobile banker packages
June 10, 2019
Kaspersky Lab rebrands
Kaspersky Lab becomes Kaspersky, adopts new mission statement, “Building a safer world”
Tourist trap: phishers and spammers target holidaymakers
More than 8,000 phishing attacks disguised as offers from popular lodging platforms
Kaspersky Lab pursues collaboration with startups
Kaspersky Open Innovations Program allows growing businesses access to its ecosystem
UAE employees strain to keep online activity private
Kaspersky Lab study finds 64% of employees hide social media activity from their boss
ScarCruft threat group continues to cause havoc
Korean-speaking threat actor evolves, creates malware to identify connected Bluetooth devices
Scammers target job seekers with money-stealing scheme
Kaspersky Lab uncovers a spam email campaign featuring fake job-offers in large corporations
Kaspersky Lab donates to Gulf for Good during Ramadan
Part of the revenue from sales of some of its popular products to help children in need
Kaspersky Lab eases security teams’ burden with latest product
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business provides greater control and automatic anomaly detection
Is digital clutter leaving your business exposed?
A report from Kaspersky Lab finds correlations between digital clutter at work and human habits
Kaspersky Lab aims to protect blockchain biz against cybercrime
Various threats and cybersecurity risks around the crypto economy have exploded

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