Investing in SOC halves the cost of a breach: Kaspersky
Kaspersky IT Economics survey shows a third of companies with a dedicated DPO report no monetary losses from attacks
Kaspersky offers new service for enterprise blockchain projects
MEA spending on blockchain will reach $307 million by 2021 according to IDC
Kaspersky calls for Secur’IT Cup ’19 entries
Global competition calls on students to try and solve cybersecurity challenges
Spy-tool by notorious group Lazarus menaces Indian firms: Kaspersky
DTrack targets financial institutions and research centres
A quarter of all smart buildings in META targeted by malicious attacks in H1 2019: Kaspersky
The majority of these threats came from the internet
Kaspersky helps identify bugs in popular automated industrial system software
Vulnerabilities potentially allowed attacker to conduct covert remote and local attacks
Web mining produces upto 800 tons of CO2 per year: report
Kaspersky researchers assess the environmental impact of cryptocurrency web mining
Kaspersky new cloud-based product counters cheating in eSports
Real-time cheat detection checks and shares automated reports with organisers
Almost half of small businesses have suffered a data breach in 2019: Kaspersky
More than a quarter of companies use consumer products for protection
Attacks targeting Apple users rise sharply: Kaspersky
Phishing attacks targeting ‘i-users’ increased by 9% to reach 1.6 million in less than a year
Kaspersky extends Microsoft Office 365 protection to OneDrive
Prevents malware from infiltrating OneDrive and spreading across the network

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