Impersonation attacks rise sharply in Q3: Mimecast research
Transportation, legal and banking sectors hit the hardest by cyberattacks
Online shoppers in the region at risk of email fraud this Black Friday
Most online retailers in the Middle East not blocking fraudulent emails from reaching customers
Sophos reveals how ransomware families attack
Playbook covers attack tools and techniques used by 11 major ransomware families
November 14, 2019
2020 ransomware predictions
Simon Jelley, VP of product management at Veritas, explores how ransomware is likely to continue evolving in the next year
DDoS attacks rose by a third in Q3: Kaspersky
Half of the Q3 DDoS attacks happened in September, stats reveal
Bitdefender extends MSP security suite
Enables service providers to stop threats sooner, streamline incident response
Proofpoint report reveals Emotet’s growing global footprint, also targeting Middle East
Emotet lures victims with branding designed to look like legitimate emails
ESET is founding member of Google’s App Defence Alliance
ESET to join others in proactively protecting apps on the Google Play Store
Qualys drives deeper integration with Microsoft Azure
Built-in security for Azure workloads and container orchestration requires no software to deploy or update
VMware expands security offering
‘Intrinsic security’ vision leverages infrastructure for cyber defence
VMware announces new innovations at VMworld 2019 Europe
Updates span security, Kubernetes, cloud, customer experience and more

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