Kaspersky updates Security Cloud with more privacy controls
Now includes new ways to protect privacy across multiple devices, OSs
Cyber incidents cost businesses $45B in 2018: report
Internet Society reports shows cybercriminals learning how to monetise millions of incidents
Victims of scam system cleaners double in one year: Kaspersky
Number of users lured into installing fake cleaners doubles to almost 1.5 million in 2019
Waterbug espionage group attacks against governments continue
Group may have hijacked a separate group’s infrastructure during one attack against a Middle Eastern target
Malware campaign uses routers, MitM to target ASUS software
ESET researchers discover PLEAD backdoor created and executed by a legitimate process
Espionage group Elfin targets dozens of Saudi firms
Symantec says at least 50 organisations in Saudi Arabia have been attacked over the last three years
Kaspersky Lab’s new product targets web-based attacks
Kaspersky Web Traffic Security reinforces web gateways, backed by machine learning
Cryptojacking shows no signs of slowing down in 2019: ESET
Cybercriminals will also increasingly use automation and machine learning so they can launch more personalised social engineering campaigns
A third of shoppers have had their financial credentials compromised: report
Kaspersky Lab experts warn against letting the guard down during holiday shopping frenzy
Trend Micro research uncovers major flaws in leading IoT protocols
Hundreds of thousands of unsecured machine-to-machine deployments put global organisations at risk

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