Case Study: Saudi Arabia's Institute of Public Administration selects Pure Storage

Aims to meet employees’ training needs, raise their productivity and provide them with the knowledge, skills and positive behavioural trends necessary for the development of administrative work


Saudi Arabia’s Institute of Public Administration (IPA) is tasked with the continual education of public employees with a view to enhance their efficiency. The IPA is also responsible for the administrative organisation of government departments and undertakes frequent research projects in this area.

IPA’s training programs are the primary means by which it fulfils its core objective to ensure that all public employees are working at optimum efficiency. If the online systems governing the workflow―from nomination to course completion—falter, the institute cannot deliver on its promise of excellence.

The institute’s legacy infrastructure was no longer sufficient to meet operational goals. Because of IPA’s capacity needs, its needs a high-availability and low-latency storage system. The data centre is 80% virtualised and leverages shared storage facilities to support the availability of virtual machines. All mission-critical applications store production data―a major asset for the IPA—on those systems, so the highest availability is critical.

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IPA’s procurement department began a three-month project spearheaded by Al-Jebaly and his team with input from senior IPA management. In the end, IPA opted to replace its existing storage with Pure FlashArray//X50, a 100% NVMe system designed for high availability and low latency of both mainstream enterprise and next-gen web-scale applications.

With Evergreen, IPA has access to a truly elastic storage system that grows with its needs, without the need for downtime, performance impact, or data migrations during upgrades. Once the FlashArray solution was deployed, IPA migrated its production workload to the new infrastructure. IPA’s data migration process to the Pure solution was “really very quick and smooth,” said Ahmad Al-Jebaly, director of the IPA’s Networks and Operations Department. “The migration part is not complex because all our servers are running on VMware.”

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Post implementation, IPA immediately noticed significant business benefits, logistically, operationally and financially. The Evergreen business model delivered a reported minimum 40% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO). Al-Jebaly also highlights the avoidance of “the headache of migration and application downtime” because of Evergreen, as well as the ownership model’s ability to provide 100% availability for applications during upgrade and maintenance, which is a critical component of IPA’s promise of excellence to its public-sector clients.

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