Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group launches all its services in one mobile application

The move is in line with the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health's plans for digital transformation

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In the presence of the Deputy Minister of Health for Development and Planning Professor Fahad Al-Jalajel, Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group launched the new version of its smartphone app integrating all its healthcare services, during its participation in the "Arab Health Exibition 2020" located in Dubai.

The unveiling of this new app is part of the strategy of Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group to facilitate the delivery of healthcare services to beneficiaries through the latest technologies. The app is an integral part of the Group’s pioneering model in the field of health care, in line with the Ministry of Health's plans towards digital transformation and to achieve the goals of the Kingdom's 2030 vision.

Dr. Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Al Habib, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said that “we have always been the first in adopting the latest technologies and tools in the group’s operations, and adapting them to improve the quality of healthcare services that we provide to patients.”

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib added that this app represents a huge step in the group’s journey towards digital transformation, as it will allow beneficiaries access to more than 70 distinct services provided by the group. These services include a remote medical consulting service (virtual consultation) which enables the patient to discuss the results of examinations and treatment plans with the doctor without the need to visit the hospital. Patients can also use the app to manage medical files for family members and track active treatment plans, search for specialist doctors and book appointments with them, and even know which spaces are vacant in the parking attached to the group's medical facilities.

On his part, Mr. Nasser Al-Haqbani, the Group’s CEO, talked about the importance of advanced technologies that represent a strategic direction in the group’s policy in its relentless pursuit of leading innovation in healthcare. He talked about how using the latest technology-enabled the group to reduce patients’ waiting times in clinics and the number of unconfirmed appointments for the convenience of patients and facilitating their access to our services.”

Al-Haqbani added that the goal of launching the new app is to improve services and lifestyles using artificial intelligence, as the app will provide the ability to check some vital indicators, such as weather indicators and health symptoms. Artificial intelligence is also used to help the patient recognise their symptoms and choose the right doctor to consult. It is also possible through the app to manage medical files for family members and follow active treatment plans, search for doctors and book appointments with them, and even locate empty spaces in the parking attached to the hospitals and medical centers.

Al-Haqbani concluded by saying that there are multiple ways to access the services provided by the app, as it is possible to log in via WhatsApp or through fingerprint or facial recognition technology available in many smart devices, which will improve the experience of patients and clients when using the app.

It is worth noting that Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group is considered among the first to adopt advanced technologies in operating healthcare facilities, using them to increase levels of patient satisfaction and enhance the treatment experience. The group collaborated with the Cloud Solutions Company, a Saudi company that specialises in developing and supporting technology-based healthcare systems and solutions, to develop the new healthcare services app.

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