UAE shoppers have an average of five shopping apps on their phones: research

Two-thirds of UAE shoppers plan to increase their winter holiday purchases via online marketplaces

Brands, retailers, and online marketplaces must go wherever UAE shoppers are, said Nicault.
Brands, retailers, and online marketplaces must go wherever UAE shoppers are, said Nicault.

New research reveals that 48% of shoppers in the UAE will use Instagram as their main source of winter holiday shopping inspiration.

The third edition of the Connected Shoppers Report by Salesforce shows that UAE shoppers are moving targets, jumping across physical and digital destinations as they browse, purchase and request service and support, with 14% of purchases occurring on emerging digital touchpoints that are completely separate from retailers’ and brands’ owned properties.

“UAE shoppers are among the most digitally-savvy and brand conscious in the EMEA region, with our Connected Shoppers Report showing that they have the world’s highest average number of shopping apps, five, on their mobile devices,” said Thierry Nicault, regional vice-president Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) for Middle East, Africa and Central Europe, Salesforce. “Retailers should forget about pulling shoppers only into their four walls. As winter holiday shopping approaches, brands, retailers, and online marketplaces must go wherever UAE shoppers are – in-store, mobile, social media – and become companies that consumers love.”

The Connected Shoppers Report explores these key themes for brands, retailers and online marketplaces, based on a new survey of over 10,000 global consumers. It captures insights from consumers across more than 20 countries, including 200 from the United Arab Emirates, as well as four generations — silents/baby boomers, Gen Xers, millennials and Gen Zers — offering insights into the vendor-shopper relationship regardless of shopper demographics.

Key findings

- 88% of UAE shoppers buy from a combination of retailers, brands, and online marketplaces.

- 77% of UAE shoppers said they tend to shop with a specific brand in mind. The report shows that exclusive shopping experiences and promotions are a valuable way for companies to build loyalty (and lucrative) relationships.

- In the United Arab Emirates, 51% of shoppers use a mobile wallet, 48% use social media, and 28% use messaging apps to make purchases.

- In the United Arab Emirates, the top reasons to shop in-store are to touch and feel the merchandise, the overall in-store experience, and to get merchandise immediately. The report also shows that 56% of UAE shoppers have purchased a product online for in-store pickup.

- The report reveals that while the top factors influencing UAE winter holiday purchases include: 1) sales or promo codes, 2) shopping apps, and 3) what’s available in-store; there’s an increasingly digital mindset among consumers. In the United Arab Emirates, 83% of shoppers expect to make purchases with a shopping app this winter shopping season.

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