Stallion.AI seeks to build artificial intelligence capabilities in MENA

Canadian headquartered company offers AI solutions in multiple languages including English and Arabic

Stallion's mission is to empower MENA’s enterprises rapidly apply AI and machine learning to create additional value, said Obiedat.
Stallion's mission is to empower MENA’s enterprises rapidly apply AI and machine learning to create additional value, said Obiedat.

Stallion.AI, a Canadian-based artificial intelligence (AI) research and development company, is setting up shop in Dubai to help MENA organisations deploy AI and machine learning technologies to their business processes.

Stallion.AI is one of the few in the world that offers AI solutions in multiple languages including English and Arabic. The company also offers consultancy on behalf of enterprises in determining what their AI needs are.

“Our mission is to empower MENA’s future economy by helping public and private enterprises rapidly apply AI and machine learning to achieve short and long-term goals and create additional value”, said Samer Obiedat, CEO, Stallion.AI.

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence by enterprises is undoubtedly on the rise as this technology offers significant impacts at a business level, industry level, and government level. The diversity in AI-enabled solutions ranges across chatbots, speech recognition, natural language processing, voice bots, image and video analysis, medical diagnosis, and finance and investment management, amongst other functions. This makes it necessary for enterprises to engage AI experts in determining the right combinations of tools and products that will give their business a competitive advantage.

Some of the AI solutions offered by Stallion.AI, include,

Multilingual chatbots that cater to retail, hospitality, banking, healthcare, real estate, and other consumer-facing sectors. Stallion technology understands more than 90% of customer queries and provides a 24/7 customer-interfacing portal. Although the common risks associated with AI includes anxiety over human replacement, Stallion offers their clientele advice not only on exploiting AI solutions but on maximizing human potential in other high-value business related tasks.

Document Analysis Technology that processes and analyses English and Arabic documents within seconds and provides a holistic analysis including risk and control identification. This saves the hundreds of thousands of hours large enterprises currently spend every year on manual review of agreements, reports, and audits. This technology is also applicable in HR departments where it can analyse thousands of résumés and extract key professional and educational elements suited to each job description.

Image Analysis and Interpretation Systems that examine huge volumes of video data, from street cameras, retail space cameras, mobile cameras and aerial platforms to  estimate crowd sizes and movements, perform facial recognition and vehicle recognition and identify shopping patterns and detect security risks.

Stallion.AI is building what it says is the world’s first bilingual chatbot for the healthcare sector to help patients chat with their virtual healthcare assistant to check doctor’s availability, book appointments, check the validity of their insurance cards, pay for their visits, and request their medical reports without leaving the comfort of their homes.  This technology will not only save patients’ time, money and effort but could save hospitals over 40% of their operating expenses across different departments, the company says.

Financial company Investifai has leveraged Stallion’s AI capabilities by procuring a deep learning technology called Reckon 360 which manages investment portfolios without any human interference. “Just to be clear, this is not another robo-advisor. This is an advanced AI technology (Deep Learning tech) that we’ve built during the last couple of years and is able to generate higher risk-adjusted returns even during market turbulences” Obeidat said. “Our intelligent portfolio comprises of over 10 different asset classes in over 70 countries around the world and is able to reallocate assets based on what’s happening in the global markets”, Obeidat added.  The same team also offers Sefwa, the world’s first AI-powered Islamic investment fund.

The company is currently offering a one-hour free evaluation to public and private enterprises who wish to strategize the inclusion of AI into business-related processes.

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