Genetec launches Mission Control solution to automate screening process

Security automation engine used to establish standardised and efficient screening procedures for staff and visitors

Genetec, Healthcare, Automation, Security

To maintain proper health safety measures and minimise the risk of outbreaks, Genetec has introduced its Mission Control solution to help automate screening processes and establish effective and standardized procedures for staff and visitors.

Genetec Mission Control is a collaborative decision management system. According to Genetec, it is already being used by airports, critical infrastructure organisations and security departments to coordinate incident response through greater situational intelligence and guided action.

Genetec Mission Control keeps track of every step of the response process, enabling comprehensive after-action review and continuous improvements to standard operating procedures.

It can also be used to streamline screening processes and ensure accurate record-keeping. The system digitises the screening questionnaire used by the organisation and walks admission personnel through each step to identify individuals requiring additional assessment. It also centralises the data collected and automates supervisor notification.

“This is a great example of the unique value offered by Mission Control,” said Gabriel Labrecque, Mission Control product manager at Genetec. “Where traditional decision management systems are slow to adapt and hard to use, customers are able to tap into the capabilities of Mission Control to rapidly address an emerging challenge. This is done by simply using out-of-the-box Mission Control features and tapping into data from their existing security systems.”

This solution provides an intuitive configuration interface that lets administrators create a tailored questionnaire to guide personnel performing the screening and automatically identify the need for additional verification.

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