5 minutes with Fadi Kanafani of NetApp

We profile the managing director & general manager Middle East at NetApp

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What is your current role in the ICT industry in the Middle East and what are your responsibilities?

I lead NetApp Middle East as managing director and general manager. My role is to be a value catalyst not only to my local team but on a corporate level as well, to keep developing and growing the business in the region. I also ensure that we represent the brand professionally and offer relevant solutions to our customer base to help them achieve their business outcomes.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is that it does not feel like one! I enjoy waking up in the morning, having my coffee and driving to the office. The business has its revenue pressures and market share growth KPIs, but I feel that we can always meet our objectives as a team while having fun at the same time.

How innovative do you think the network industry in the Middle East is, and how can it improve?

The UAE and KSA have demonstrated that digital transformation initiatives can transform their countries – and it really did. The level of innovation we’ve seen in the past few years is unprecedented. Education ought to be one of the main focus areas to prepare the region for a better future to stay ahead of the globalisation race and stay in the front.

What are the upcoming trends or products in your sector?

Digital transformation initiatives to improve citizens and residents experience are becoming mainstream in the government sector. Smart cities and IoT projects are sprouting across the MENA region. Cloud adoption is on the rise, particularly with the arrival of all hyperscalers to the region. Another one is the application of artificial intelligence and analytics to drive business outcomes.

Finally, leveraging technologies such as video surveillance not only for security but also as a business leverage to understand the customer’s buying behaviour.

Does your company utilise virtualisation or cloud computing?

NetApp, as the leader in hybrid multi-cloud, also relies on cloud computing and intelligent services hosted with the hyperscalers to streamline our internal process and provide a standardised customer experience to all employees globally.

What are your out-of-office hobbies?

Any outdoor activities. I enjoy fishing, gardening and cycling.

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