From the magazine: Five Minutes with Maher Jadallah, regional director, Middle East, Tenable

What makes the regional head for the cybersecurity risk management vendor tick?

Jadallah: Complexity is the enemy of security.
Jadallah: Complexity is the enemy of security.

What is your current role in the ICT industry in the Middle East and what are your responsibilities?

As a regional director for Tenable, I’m responsible for leading the regional sales team of skilled, seasoned sales individuals. I map the course, develop the vision and implement annual plans and I’m accountable for delivering measurable results that achieve and exceed revenue and margin targets. I also develop recommendations for growth, opportunities for growth, and key target customers in the Middle East and North Africa market.

What is the best thing about your job?

I like to have an impact on the company, team, and market; which means I strive to see the results of our work. Feeling appreciated and empowered are the biggest drivers of happiness. In addition, the relationships I build with customers, partners, and team members are the best predictors of happiness in any field.

How innovative do you think the security industry in the Middle East is and how can it improve?

Complexity is the enemy of security. If a security product is too complex to manage, it will slow down your investigations which slows down your ability to detect and stop threats. The millions of dollars that customers are spending on security products are not enough but it’s on the edge of the issue when they’re still not doing the basics right. As the great majority of breaches stem from known vulnerabilities, basic security practices rather than fancy patented technology are key to defending data, operation, reputation...etc. By doing the basics, you can reduce your attack surface and close the Cyber Exposure gap.

What are the upcoming trends or products in your sector?

Customers need a better way to manage vulnerabilities which is why we’ve introduced Predictive Prioritisation. They need help to address the sheer volume of vulnerabilities being discovered every day, many of which are defined as critical, and re-prioritise them based on the probability they will be leveraged in an attack. This allows them to focus remediation efforts on those that pose a real, rather than theoretical, risk to the business first.

Does your company utilise virtualisation or cloud computing? is built on the cloud for the cloud. Enterprises are moving critical workloads to the cloud, and that means holistic visibility across highly dynamic environments is a fundamental requirement for digital business. provides the breadth of visibility into cyber risk across IT, cloud, IoT and OT environments and the depth of analytics to measure and communicate cyber risk in business terms to make better strategic decisions.

What are your out-of-office hobbies?

My personal favourite is hunting and camping outdoors, which I have been enthusiastic about for around 25 years now.

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