RAK digitises public services with Avaya communication solutions

RAK e-GOV creates unified platform for greater citizen engagement, access to services and employee collaboration

The aim of RAK e-GOV is to make citizens’ lives easier by ensuring they can access services through their smartphones, said Al Sayyah.
The aim of RAK e-GOV is to make citizens’ lives easier by ensuring they can access services through their smartphones, said Al Sayyah.

Citizens of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE, now have easier access to government services thanks to an expansion of the technology partnership between the Electronic Government Authority of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK e-Gov) and Avaya.

From admitting evidence through video conferencing at RAK Courts and Public Prosecutions to completing legal marriages online, Ras Al Khaimah residents can now access a host of government services without leaving their homes. This improved access to public services comes as part of RAK e-Gov’s plans to digitally transform the emirate’s government services, using Avaya communications solutions, over the next three years.

“Our aim is to deliver ease of use for all citizens, and to make their lives easier by ensuring they can access services through their smartphones instead of coming to physical government buildings,” said Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Sayyah, general manager of RAK e-Gov. “Having worked with Avaya as our partner for several years, and with the company’s global track record of working with Fortune 500 companies, we had confidence that they were the right choice to assist in the transformation of our existing processes into the digital sphere.”

The partnership between RAK e-Gov and Avaya has already resulted in significant benefits for the citizens of Ras Al Khaimah, including:

Remote access to the courts. At the RAK Courts and Public Prosecutions departments, the emirate’s judiciary bodies, all applicable cases can now be conducted via video conference. And recorded calls from claimants are now admissible in court cases.

A more efficient job-application process. Prospective employees at RAK e-Gov can now make use of a virtual platform to attend job interviews across departments, and only need an internet-enabled device to access virtual conferencing rooms.

Remote marriage procedures. Ras Al Khaimah citizens can now take part in a legal marriage procedure that can be completed via video conference. 

A more efficient Municipality Department. This department has been able to reduce processing times by allowing engineers and consultants to transmit changes to documents through an online communications platform, reducing the need for physical travel to government offices.

Implemented by Visiontech Systems International, RAK e-Gov is now using a range of Avaya solutions to deliver these advanced services. Using Avaya’s team management solution on Avaya Equinox, RAK eGov can provide remote access to public services through smartphones and computers. RAK e-Gov is also using the solution for team engagement and video conferencing as it supports the technology infrastructure of over 20 government departments.

RAK e-Gov has also migrated its existing call centres into one centralised system using Avaya technology. This enables RAK e-Gov to maintain more effective information reporting, voice recording and a more efficient call management system.

Sheikha Na’amah Al Qassimi, general manager, Dubai & Northern Emirates, Avaya, added: “The Ras Al Khaimah government has long been committed to using the most reliable technology products, with the highest standards, to deliver the best experiences to its citizens. With close to a decade of partnership between us, we are pleased to keep expanding our cooperation to drive the Emirates’ digital transformation—keeping with the forward-thinking vision of the leadership to deliver convenience through accessible services.”

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