Vendor Profile: Cyclance, provider of AI-enabled cyber security solutions

Mohamed Helmy, Cylance regional sales director for META explains how AI helps protect endpoints without increasing workload or costs

Cylance technology has prevented attacks against countless enterprises and government entities, even those that other cybersecurity tools, Helmy said.
Cylance technology has prevented attacks against countless enterprises and government entities, even those that other cybersecurity tools, Helmy said.

NME: What is your company’s history-including Middle East History?

Helmy: Cylance has always had a presence in the Middle East region, which was initially managed by the EMEA office. Until recently, the team would travel to meet customers and partners, but increased regional demand has supported Cylance investments to expand the team and maintain its growing presence. Today, Cylance has a leadership team, predominantly based in Dubai, to meet the needs of META-based customers.

What is your company’s core competence?

Cylance provides predictive threat prevention and visibility across the enterprise through solutions designed to combat advanced cybersecurity attacks. Thanks to AI-based malware prevention, threat hunting, automated detection and response, and expert security services, Cylance can protect the endpoint without increasing staff workload or costs. We call it the ‘Science of Safe’. Our flagship product, CylancePROTECT, has been adopted by firms across the globe, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. We have more than 3000 customers to date in 20 different vertical industries that include top high-tech, energy, oil and gas, healthcare, and banking and financial services companies in addition to government agencies and NGOs.

What are some of the trends impacting your sector?

We are now immersed in a digital world in which the virtual and tangible are inextricably intertwined, and the global economy depends upon the digital interconnections between people, organisations, and things. This interdependency has made cyber-attacks one of our biggest global threats. The World Economic Forum’s 2018 Global Risks Report highlights skyrocketing concerns over cybersecurity, with cyber breaches recorded by businesses doubling over the past five years and cybercrime costs to businesses estimated at $8 trillion over the next five years. Large-scale cyber-attacks have become regular occurrences, causing huge corporate losses and disrupting critical infrastructure and strategic industry around the world. The risks are only increasing as the internet of things grows from 8.4 billion devices in 2017 to an expected 20.4 billion in 2020.

In this turbulent environment, Cylance promotes the use of artificial intelligence for security solutions. Cylance technology has prevented attacks against countless enterprises and government entities, even those that other cybersecurity tools – including AI-based network approaches – were unable to stop. It was Cylance technology that discovered, halted, and remediated the infamous 2015 hack of the U.S. Government’s Office of Personnel Management.  And thanks to our proactive and preventive technology, Cylance customers were safe from the major cybersecurity events of 2017 including WannaCry, NotPetya, BadRabbit, and Cerber. What’s perhaps most impressive, Cylance customers had been protected for most of those major threat events since the deployment of Cylance’s May 2015 AI model, even without updates or an internet connection.

Discuss the latest solutions from your company and the impact you see in the market

CylancePROTECT stops attacks including executables, fileless, memory and script-based attacks before they execute. CylanceOPTICS gives customers context, root cause analysis and investigative capabilities. Cylance Consulting Services complement these solutions by offering security consultants that provide red teaming, compromise assessment, incident response services and many more security consulting services.

In a connected world, every company becomes a technology company and every technology company becomes a security company. Cylance endeavours to give organisations the confidence to protect the information and data they manage—which is increasingly every organisation’s most valuable asset.

Cylance develops proprietary AI solutions that enable companies to reduce risk without increasing cost. This means stronger protection at vulnerable endpoints which will reduce the number of successful attacks, and fewer attacks mean less technology and personnel resources are required for costly detection and response activities. Organisations should manage infrastructure complexity with comprehensive, reliable protection at every endpoint.

By applying AI to endpoint security challenges, Cylance demonstrates that not only is threat prevention possible, it’s genuinely the best chance we all have for succeeding against modern adversaries who are also armed with machine learning technologies. By letting our technology utilise the Cloud to operate autonomously at the endpoint to identify threats, we have demonstrated that organisations can protect themselves at their most exposed surfaces, rather than mostly retreating to network defence perimeters that are increasingly irrelevant as digital workplaces and the internet of things allow hackers to exploit gateways through a wide variety of devices. Our goal is to protect all endpoints, and we aim to achieve that goal by offering an array of AI-driven solutions tailored not just to enterprises of all sizes, but now increasingly to their employees and their families, and to consumers.

What is your presence in the Middle East?

The Cylance META team is based in Dubai and will support organisations in the region with AI-based Cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions that are ideal for customers evaluating next-generation alternatives to their existing endpoint security products. We have acquired customers in different sectors such as oil and gas, energy, media, government and real estate, plus aim to build strong relationships with distribution and channel partners as well as explore MSSP partners that offer such services within this region.

Describe some of your biggest successes in the region

The channel landscape has opened up for us since we launched our regional presence, with multiple partnerships already in play and many more in progress.

Cylance’s ability to offer solutions that protect businesses against modern security threats has led to us to acquire new customers in the region from a variety of industries including oil and gas, energy, media, government and real estate - a testament to our continued growth in the region.

What are your regional goals for the rest of the year and beyond?

The Middle East has always been an important region for Cylance and one we’re keen to be seen as the number one security vendor in the market. Cylance wants to be the go-to company for organisations in the Middle East who want peace of mind that their business is protected against known and unknown malware, fileless attacks and zero-day payload execution that could destroy operations.

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