Dell Technologies develops IoT surveillance solutions

Surveillance first in planned series of solution sets to harness power of IoT

The IoT solutions are intended to be scalable, secure, manageable and open infrastructure enabling customers to more easily deploy and get the benefits of IoT solutions, says Mullen.
The IoT solutions are intended to be scalable, secure, manageable and open infrastructure enabling customers to more easily deploy and get the benefits of IoT solutions, says Mullen.

Dell Technologies' Edge and IoT Solutions Division has announced new solutions to simplify the deployment of edge computing and IoT use cases.

The new solutions combine technologies from Dell, Intel and partners in the Dell Technologies IoT Solutions Partner Program. The solutions are focused on computer vision using imaging sensors and machine intelligence using analytics technologies and structured telemetry.

The solution set is intended to enable customers to make business sense from large volumes of data from visual sensors, by using AI and machine learning to develop automated analysis and insights.

The new solution set marks a collaboration with Intel, which has helped advance these solutions with its computer vision and analytics technologies.

"Workloads and use cases for computer vision and machine intelligence require different combinations of tools, but the computing infrastructure elements are the same," said Joyce Mullen, president, Global Channel, OEM and IOT Solutions at Dell Technologies. "Dell Technologies provides a scalable, secure, manageable and open infrastructure - spanning edge to cloud - so customers and partners can realise value today and build a foundation to support these workloads and case studies in the future."

Cameras provide rich information about the physical world, but the deluge of video data creates too much data for humans to cost-effectively monitor for real-time decision making. Applying analytics, such as Artificial Intelligence, to these data streams automates powerful, actionable insights. Events driven by computer vision and analysed together with telemetry from machines - including data that imaging sensors cannot provide, such as voltage, current and pressure - results in even more powerful insights.

Because of rapid evolution in the IoT market and the fast pace of innovation required to stay competitive, many customers now require an ‘IT grade' infrastructure. This should include a security-first perspective to support scalability, data diversity and the increasingly complex needs of connected devices.

By enabling computer vision with Dell Technologies IoT solutions, customers can more accurately, efficiently and effectively ‘see' relevant information pertaining to areas such as public safety, customer experience, and product inventory and quality. Surveillance is the first use case to which Dell Technologies has applied computer vision, so customers can more cost-effectively monitor events in the physical world and automate decision‐making.

The IoT Solution for Surveillance is specifically built to transform and simplify how surveillance technology is delivered with an easy to deploy and manage hyper-converged, software-defined solution. Available later this year to purchase as a package, the engineered, pre-integrated solution will provide a consistent foundation from edge to distributed core to cloud. It will also be ready to run on day one with customer data to speed the return on investment. The solution is currently available as a reference architecture to align systems and build a framework for computer vision learning and adoption for other use cases.

Dell said that the new solution set also presents opportunities to partners, and will be supported through the Dell Technologies IoT Solutions Partner Program.

Through this program, Dell Technologies has identified several partners demonstrating strong use case focus and clear return on investment to create the new Dell Technologies IoT Connected Bundles.

The bundles include sensors and licensed software from partners tailored for specific customer use cases, together with various combinations of Dell Technologies infrastructure spanning edge gateway, embedded PC and server hardware. This is in addition to complimentary software like VMware Pulse IoT Center for securing, managing and monitoring these solutions at scale.

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