adds AI capabilities to job search has added artificial intelligence-powered functions for job seekers and employers has added new AI-driven capabilities to enhance job search accuracy and efficiency, says Tahboub. has added new AI-driven capabilities to enhance job search accuracy and efficiency, says Tahboub.

Employment website has updated the site with a number of new technology features to improve job hunting and recruitment processes.

The job site has been enhanced with a range of AI-based features that are intended to provide more accurate and effective job searches and improve searches for vacancies.

The first of these new features is the AI-powered, three-tier system for job recommendations that has completed launching. Because more than 33,300,000 job seekers are registered on and hundreds of thousands visit the site to browse over 15,000 jobs on a daily basis, matching job seekers with the right career opportunities is crucial, the company said.

The site already uses profile-based job recommendations, which collect and suggest relevant jobs to seekers based on relevancy, qualification and other factors on the job seekers CV. The new AI technology will add capabilities to track, plot, and project behaviour of the job seeker, to create behavioural job recommendations, based on what a job seeker searches, views, and applies for, to refine their search and recommendations.

A third level of recommended jobs has also been rolled out. The collaborative job recommendations automated feature studies job seeker groups of overlapping career interests and qualifications and makes suggestions accordingly. This way a job seeker can also be aware of other trending opportunities that are being searched, viewed, and applied for by their fellow professionals.

On the employer side, has released several AI-powered tools. Ontology was introduced to's flagship CV search technology, which creates more accurate search that simple text-based suggestions. For example, if an employer is looking to hire an ‘account manager', the CV Search bot will suggest titles of similar meanings like ‘Sales manager' or ‘business relationship manager'.

Employers can also utilise an auto-stamped feature. When a company is looking for an employee using a university name, company name, job title, or such, they are likely to face the issue of name variations: there are usually different spellings, acronyms, and pseudo-names that may limit their search results. Now with the latest version of CV Search, the system will automatically gather all CVs that are related to the employer's search query, including all the variations that should fall under that name being searched for.

"Technology is and has always been the core of our mission as a company," said Omar Tahboub, general manager, "We constantly seek to provide the most effective tools and information to make it easier for job seekers to find opportunity and for employers to hire. With the new AI-powered features we have and will continue to roll out on our job site, we project an even smoother and more satisfying talent matching experience. Working with more than 33 million job seekers and 40,000 of the largest regional employers, we insist on developing resources to ensure the job market is connected in a better and more efficient manner. This is why we will be making further investments in Artificial Intelligence over the coming years and will release more and more tools that will streamline hiring and job searching even further."

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