Trend Micro launches security program for Saudi nationals

Trend Micro Saudi Academy for Cybersecurity aims to address lack of security skills in the Kingdom

The program will help Saudi Arabia to address the local shortage of cybersecurity talent, says Dr Bin Ali.
The program will help Saudi Arabia to address the local shortage of cybersecurity talent, says Dr Bin Ali.

Trend Micro has launched an initiative to train Saudi nationals in cybersecurity skills.

The Trend Micro Saudi Academy for Cybersecurity is intended to address the shortage of local expertise in IT security and related disciplines.

The two-year certification program will be available only to Saudis, and will train and certify graduates in cybersecurity. Program participants will gain practical hands-on knowledge and skills, as well as having the chance to meet Trend Micro executives and business leaders to learn from their personal experiences. Successfully completing the full program can lead to a role as a full-time Trend Micro employee.

Dr. Moataz Bin Ali, VP for Trend Micro Middle East and North Africa said: "Saudi Arabia is one of the most targeted countries in the world when it comes to cybersecurity. While the local security landscape has improved over the past few years - thanks to the government raising the issue of strong cybersecurity to national importance - there are still challenges that need urgent attention, primarily the shortage of local cybersecurity talents. We are glad to be given the opportunity to help the government in advancing ICT security capabilities in the Kingdom.

"This is an opportune time to start a career in the cybersecurity field. Qualified candidates can fill openings in all facets of the business, from software development to sales to support and professional services. Trend Micro has already successfully delivered this certification program in the United States, Canada, and Brazil. We're bringing it to KSA for the first time as we recognize that we have a great pool of talent in the Kingdom that will not only benefit from joining this program, but more importantly, support the digital transformation of Saudi Arabia's economy," Dr. Ali added.

The program is open to Saudi nationals with undergraduate degrees in computer science and related programs. Candidates should also be fluent in spoken and written English and possess basic IT networking and security knowledge. More details are available here.

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