Apple may be planning low cost MacBook Air

Reports say Apple planning lower cost MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is expected to get a screen upgrade.
The MacBook Air is expected to get a screen upgrade.

Apple is planning to release a new lower cost MacBook Air, and to offer a professional upgrade for Mac desktop later this year, according to Bloomberg.

The news agency reports that the new MacBook Air will be similar in appearance to current models, but with a thinner bezel on the screen.

The device is expected to be targeted at consumers who want a cheaper Apple computer, and also education buyers who want larger quantities.

The screen is expected to be a 13-inch Retina display, which would complete the transition to high resolution screens. The current MacBook Air is the only Apple laptop without higher resolution screen.

The Mac mini, which is sold as just the computer without screen, mouse or keyboard, is expected to get upgrades to storage and processor options, which will increase the price point, but give more options to professional users.

Apple is also preparing to launch macOS Mojave, a new version of its Mac operating system that adds new features for sorting files and the ability to run iPad apps.

Apple has not commented officially on the insider reports.

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