Businessmentals launches VAT calculator app

SME app will calculate VAT and verify tax registration of sellers in the UAE

Businessmentals VAT app will help consumers and SMEs to make sure they are paying the right VAT to registered businesses.
Businessmentals VAT app will help consumers and SMEs to make sure they are paying the right VAT to registered businesses.

Businessmentals, the e-commerce venture that provides support to SME owners, has launched a new VAT app to provide news, essential information and tools around the tax.

The Businessmentals Value Added Tax (VAT) calculator App allows consumers to instantly calculate the VAT on the purchases of goods and services. They can also verify the Tax Registration Number (TRN) of the seller to make sure they are registered with the Tax Authority.   

The app has different sections for seamless navigation and an easy-to-use interface. As well as instantly calculating VAT, the app provides access to VAT blogs and white papers written by industry experts, breaking news and handy tips on how to deal with issues like tax dodgers. It also provides infographics and ‘how to' videos plus a simple way to verify TRNs. The app is intended for consumers and for small businesses alike, and is intended to address issues around the implementation of VAT.

According to Steve Ashby, founder of Businessmentals, many people are paying too much VAT, or paying it to unregistered traders: "Queuing at the shop, with 15 people behind you, is the last place to be testing your mental math skills. With the Businessmentals VAT calculator, the calculation is instant, accurate and highly visible. We are offering a live, interactive knowledge base accessible anytime and anywhere," he said.

"The introduction of this app reflects the promise we made to provide our customers with tools for business and tools for life," added Ashby.

The app is available now for Android devices, and will launch for iOS in November. The company says the launch is the first in a series of apps, which will be followed by a VAT payments register tool and an efficiency tool called the ‘The Bad-Tempered Organiser'.

The Businessmentals site, offers a marketplace where clients can buy template bundles and process packs such as the Business Start-Up Checklist, the Business Plan, Quote to Cash and Get the Cash, as well as community discussions, how-to videos and advice from industry experts, all aimed at SMEs.

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