McAfee unifies security control with new solution

McAfee MVISION portfolio delivers cohesive management for disparate devices while leveraging built-in device controls

Modern device security needs to defend the entire digital terrain while understanding the risks at play.
Modern device security needs to defend the entire digital terrain while understanding the risks at play.

McAfee has announced MVISION, a new portfolio family with features that offer a single point of visibility and control across the organisation’s IT environment. MVISION also addresses evolving security needs as businesses migrate to the cloud and to newer secure operating systems.

Specifically, MVISION strengthens the device as a control point in security architectures by delivering simplified management, stronger Windows security, behaviour analytics, and threat defence for Android and iOS devices. Plus, with its single integrated management workspace, MVISION empowers enterprise security professionals to proactively and seamlessly manage, optimise, and integrate security controls across any combination of McAfee advanced protection and Windows 10 native capabilities. 

“To overcome the complexity created by too many device types, security products, and consoles, things must get simpler and the directional approach to security must shift. Modern device security needs to defend the entire digital terrain while understanding the risks at play,” said Raja Patel, vice president and general manager, Corporate Security Products, McAfee. “This first wave of McAfee’s MVISION technology portfolio provides businesses with an elevated management perspective where security administrators can more easily defend their devices and fight cyber-adversaries in a cohesive and simplified manner.”

The new McAfee MVISION portfolio includes McAfee MVISION ePO, McAfee MVISION Endpoint, and McAfee MVISION Mobile.


McAfee MVISION ePO is a SaaS service that offers a simplified, centralised point of view and comprehension. It removes the deployment and maintenance overhead of backend infrastructure and allows customers to easily migrate their existing ePO environment. Organisations can focus on reducing security risk with the agility of the cloud ensuring they are always running the latest security capabilities.

Designed with optimisation and situational awareness in mind, McAfee MVISION ePO allows administrators to clearly see their security posture, and complete tasks with 50% fewer clicks. The new security workspace integrates defences across devices, operating systems, McAfee products, and third-party technologies to visualise threats and immediately pivot into action.

Private ePO deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) eliminates the need for a separate database and physical assets, while providing customised control of the management infrastructure and configuration data. An ePO AWS Quick Start enables organisations to be up and running in less than 1 hour.

McAfee MVISION Endpoint

McAfee MVISION Endpoint manages and extends the native security built into Windows 10 to deliver a broader collective defence with less effort than other approaches in market today. Utilising a lightweight agent, McAfee MVISION Endpoint complements the Windows 10 built-in security with specifically tuned signature-less advanced threat protections. This cooperative approach is managed through McAfee MVISION ePO to defend against both sophisticated fileless and file-based attacks without the complexity of multiple management systems.

McAfee MVISION Mobile

McAfee MVISION Mobile provides visibility and threat defence for iOS and Android devices to ensure they are safeguarded just like any other device. McAfee MVISION Mobile provides always-on protection no matter how a device is connected. By analysing deviations to device behaviour, McAfee MVISION Mobile makes determinations about indicators of compromise to accurately identify advanced device, application, and network-based attacks. Visibility and control of mobile assets are now unified through McAfee MVISION ePO to provide a single console to manage security across devices.

“McAfee MVISION addresses the needs for security automation and simplification across both McAfee and third-party tools, even including tools such as Microsoft Defender. Provided as a SaaS-delivered workspace, MVISION combines analytics, policy management and events in a manner that enterprise and midmarket can appropriate,” according to Frank Dickson, research vice president, security products with IDC.

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