Saeed signs mobility deal with Extreme Networks

Saeed has signed an MoU with Extreme Networks to deliver mobility solutions at GITEX Technology Week.

Extreme Networks seals the deal with Saaed.
Extreme Networks seals the deal with Saaed.

Saeed, a traffic safety services organisation, has signed an MoU with Extreme Networks, a software-driven networking technology provider, at GITEX Technology Week, to deliver mobility solutions.

As per the agreement, Extreme Networks will aid Saeed in enabling mobility across the entirety of their network. The project will include the deployment of a number of technologies, which include Ethernet switching, wireless access, network access control, analytics, and also a network management platform to oversee the entire implementation.

“Some of the major concerns that they were having is to enable mobility in a secure way, and to have more insights across their operations, as to know what users and devices are accessing throughout the network,” comments Atef Djmoui, regional sales manager Middle East at Extreme Networks.

Following the start date of deployment, the project is expected to take three to ten months to complete.

“Saeed is moving along with the government initiatives, to be up to date and in line with the latest technologies, as well as the happiness of our customers,” comments Eng. Ibrahim Yousef Ramel of Saeed. “Since we are serving our customer, not through an offices, but reaching out to them, that necessitated the need to have technology to enhance our mobility in order to serve our customer better.”

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