Dubai Health Authority smartens blood donations

Dubai Health Authority has launched its Dubai Blood Donation Centre app at GITEX Technology Week.

DHA’s stand is showcasing an array of smart health applications.
DHA’s stand is showcasing an array of smart health applications.

At GITEX Technology Week, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) launched its Dubai Blood Donation Centre app, designed specifically for blood donors.

The Dubai Blood Donation Centre app allows blood donors to locate the nearest centres through their phones; however the DHA also revealed additional features will be completed in November.

Dr Mai Raouf, director of the Dubai Blood Donation Centre, says: “The app will also allow blood donors to answer donation eligibility questionnaire and read pre-donation educational material through their mobile phones before they come to the donation centre. The smart app will also inform the donors about their next donation date.

“Through this app the donors can also receive appreciation letters and invitations for activities related to blood donation through their smart device and get notification for donation campaigns.”

Dr Raouf adds that launching the app is in line with the DHA’s vision to provide services to customers at a click of a button to support the authority’s vision of fulfilling a happy and healthy society.

The DHA also displayed its move towards 3D printing in the medical field, which is part of the ‘Dubai 3D Printing Strategy’ of utilising 3D technology in health treatment, such as developing 3D printed teeth, bones, artificial organs, medical and surgical devices and hearing aid.

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