STC marks services success

STC is marking a milestone achievement at GITEX Technology Week.

Enaya: STC is the leading ICT service provider in Saudi Arabia.
Enaya: STC is the leading ICT service provider in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Telecoms Company (STC) is marking a milestone achievement at GITEX Technology Week, after STC Solutions was identified as the leading IT service provider in Saudi Arabia by IDC.

The analyst company has ranked STC Solutions as the number one provider by revenue in the Kingdom, which the company says is proof of the success of its efforts to refocus its enterprise business on service provision.

Dr Tarig M Enaya, SVP of STC Enterprise Business Unit, says: “The ranking basically tells us that we are on track and are on the right path. Two years ago, our mother company STC set a new direction, which is to re-organise the enterprise sector around ICT products, services and solutions.

“Ranking as the number one IT service provider by revenue in the Kingdom, makes me feel very proud of our people at STC Solutions and their colleagues at STC.”

Enaya explains that customers prefer being able to access all of their ICT requirements from one provider. STC is a leader in providing System Integration, Network Consulting and Integration, and Network and Desktop Outsourcing services.

The demand for ICT services has also been boosted by the growing digitisation in the Kingdom, and the availability of services from a provider such as STC has reshaped the market, Enaya adds.

“The market has changed or rather, we have changed the market by merging two markets: the enterprise grade telecommunication services market and the IT service provision market. The end result is what you see today the, ICT market, starting from the copy of Microsoft Office your employee is using and the asset tracking system telling you where all of your trucks are, all the way through to ERP and CRM hosted in the cloud, and networks to connect your business,” he says.

STC intends to continue its drive with services, and has recently launched a new service delivery platform (SDP) to serve customers and partners. The company has also strengthened its inhouse development team, and soft launched the STC Cloud Marketplace.

The overall aim is to help customers to see the value of ICT services to their business, Enaya says.

“For us the next milestone is to continue remolding the market into a service delivery format and, a more results-driven and accountable approach. With this approach customers can see our value, how we impact their revenue and cost bases, as opposed of looking at their technology investment as an ever deeper money pit with no bottom in sight.”

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