UAE delight for Turkish ISV

Company claims new Dubai HQ increases its chances of capturing a greater share of the business software market.

Turkish enterprise software company Logo Business Solutions has set up a new international headquarters in Dubai. The firm believes the move will accelerate its foreign growth as more companies implement Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) in the region.

"Countries in this region are experiencing impressive growth with existing companies expanding and a large number of new companies starting up. This continuing economic prosperity has persuaded Logo to establish our new international headquarters in Dubai," commented Logo CEO Ali Guven. "Companies both big and small are fast-realising the advantages of implementing ERP to streamline their business process, in turn benefitting from a number of advantages including cost efficiency and a better return on investment," he added.

Logo, which is listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, has enjoyed double-digit growth for the last four years and is confident that its move to establish an international HQ in the Middle East will strengthen its prospects.

The company delivers a wide range of high-end services including the development of accounting applications for small businesses and large customisable ERP systems.

It also provides training, consultancy services, educational software development, turn-key projects and the distribution of third party products.

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