Hundreds of PS3 games due by March

Sony promises titles galore in 2008 to feed the cravings of the world's mad-for-it global PS3 owners.

The head honcho of Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed that there will be no less than 380 new game titles released for PS3 by March 2008.

At the end of last month Kazuo Hirai told Japanese newspaper Nikkei Business Daily that these titles would comprise 200 new retail titles and 180 PlayStation network games. This figure equates to seven titles per week during the firm's business year of March 2007 to March 2008.

At present there are just 60 retail titles available for PS3, in addition to 50 'PlayStation Network' - in other words, download-only - game titles.

Hirai also revealed last month that the company would work more closely with game developers in the near future to help meet its target and will promote titles via an increased range of events and in-store promotions.

In Sony's home territory of Japan, the PS3 has seemingly been struggling to gain ground against its console competitors of late. According to research firm Enterbrain Inc, which is based in the city itself, Nintendo's family-friendly Wii console for instance is currently outselling the PS3 by a ratio of five to one. Even back in April, Enterbrain says this ratio was better, at four to one.

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