Toshiba takes business kit into retail

Toshiba Computer Systems has unveiled its latest laptop machines, including an ‘ultra-portable’ model to be sold through the retail channel.

Toshiba Computer Systems has unveiled its three latest laptop machines, one of which - the super-lightweight Portege R500 - will become the first so-called ‘ultra-portable' laptop to be sold by the company through the retail channel.

Due to hit the region next month, the US $2500 R500 is a thin and slim silver release that features a 12.1-inch display and comes pre-installed with Windows Vista Business edition.

Aimed both at road warriors with an eye for design and high-worth consumer spenders, this type of Toshiba notebook PC product was previously only sold through via firm's B2B reseller channel. However with competing companies such as Sony enjoying some success selling such offerings through retailers such as Plug-ins Electronix, Toshiba has apparently decided that the R500 might return solid sales figures through this route to market too.

The other two laptop releases unveiled yesterday were the consumer-aimed Satellite U300 multimedia machine, and the more business focused Satellite Pro U300; both of them dual-core, 13.3-inch multimedia-friendly machines.

"Toshiba decided to introduce the Portege R500 through the retail channel due to the increased demand from the channel for thinner, lighter products with innovative designs," said Santosh Varghese, general manager, Toshiba Computer Systems Middle East and Africa. "Toshiba's aim in this respect is to ensure that these products are available to everyone at anytime."

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