Boubyan Bank fuses Sybase technology with customer satisfaction

Boubyan Bank, one of the newest banks in Kuwait, has launched its internet banking with Sybase Financial Fusion’s e-finance suite.

Boubyan Bank, one of the newest banks in Kuwait, has launched its internet banking with Sybase Financial Fusion’s e-finance suite.

The system will provide customers enhanced banking convenience, easy access, a host of functionalities and dynamic personalised content, while providing the bank with scalability to enhance its online banking systems and meet the bank’s vision for growth.

“The main focus of Boubyan Bank is to offer best-in-class services to our customers,” said Kurien Varghese, head of Boubyan Bank’s IT group. “We believe in investing in the latest and best technologies to ensure that our customers get real-time services and the best banking performance.

“We wanted to develop an Internet banking service that would offer our customers easy access and convenience to bank anytime and from anywhere. We were looking for a solution that would be flexible, scalable, robust and built on an open platform with a host of functionalities for both retail and corporate customers.”

The bank chose Sybase Financial Fusion's e-finance suite because it felt confident that the solution would meet all of its present and future requirements.

“Sybase Financial Fusion is the premier internet banking solution in the world with some of the biggest global banks as its customers,” said Varghese.

“The e-finance suite is very secure, scalable and flexible and operates in a J2EE environment, with a middleware platform which makes it easy for our bank to deploy new software from any vendor without having to manage different platforms, systems or code. Their use of Java provides us with the flexibility that we were looking for to grow, expand and enhance our online banking system over time,” he added.

Boubyan’s online banking implementation was carried out quite smoothly, according to Varghese, with continuous support from Sybase and Al Faris Information Technologies who handled the implementation of the solution.

“We have implemented various levels of firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems and network access controls, along with several other security measures,” Varghese said.

“Before going live with the system, we engaged an external consultant to do penetration tests to ensure that the environment where Financial Fusion runs is secured from internal and external threats.

“Financial Fusion’s e-finance suite has advanced security features and our customers can be rest assured that their internet banking transactions will be safe and completely secure,” added Varghese.

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