Batelco accepts TRA pricing rules

Batelco says it will 'get on with the job' and accept new pricing regulations.

Bahrain Telecommunications Co. (Batelco) will accept new pricing regulations issued by the Telecoms Regulatory Authority (TRA) for rival operators to use Batelco's network infrastructure, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

Batelco, which enjoys a monopoly in building and maintaining Bahrain's network infrastructure, was in discussions with the TRA over the fees competitors should pay to use its services, the statement said.

"The TRA considered our submissions and has now issued a legal order which we will abide by," Batelco chief executive Peter Kaliaropolous said. "We can continue to debate the merits of the order or just get on with the job."

Kaliaropolous had criticised the TRA for introducing what he said were discriminatory pricing policies.

Batelco's shares closed down 0.32 %.

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