Malaysian company seeks to drive IPTV

Stanton Technologies seeks DIFX listing this year.

Stanton Technologies is a Malaysia-based software company that has developed a series of innovative IPTV Media Servers Solutions, and is in conversations with network operators across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, with the view to the telcos incorporating the technology into their IPTV deployments plans.

As of the beginning of May, Stanton Technologies had entered into one contract and had signed six non-disclosure agreements with operators seeking to evaluate the suitability of the company's IPTV Mobile solution. Stanton Technologies believes its suite of IPTV solutions, which uniquely can be offered through different gateways - mobile, PC, and a home environment - has a strong competitive advantage, not least because the company suggests it has a lead of about a year on its market competitors.

"We are a market leader in the realm of quadruple play, and the fact that we can support various delivery mechanisms makes our solutions very compelling," said Alan Rajendram, executive chairman of Stanton Technologies. "Time to market is exceptionally important with new technologies, and we guarantee the shortest turnaround for telcos from signing the contract to commercialisation," he added.

Stanton Technologies and its affiliated companies have built a large degree of competence in the network media player space for different market verticals, and as such, from the first day of commercial launch of services, can offer access to content comprising over 300 programmes.

"Any phone with an advanced web browser can access content from Stanton Technologies and this can be achieved through just a few key simple strokes of the mobile handset," stated Stephen Lee, Stanton Technologies' chief operating officer.

Stanton Technologies is in the process of seeking a listing on the Dubai International Financial Exchange.

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