Formation of Dubai computer resellers trade association draws a step closer

Alliance with a mission to serve the interests of Dubai’s sprawling computer reseller community confident of receiving the authorisation it requires to kickstart its launch.

As Channel Middle East went to press, the Dubai Computer Traders Group (DCTG) was on the verge of receiving the Chamber of Commerce licence that permits it to operate legally.

The licence represents the final stage of what has almost been a two-year campaign to establish the emirate's inaugural association for computer resellers and retailers.

The DCTG has already been given clearance by the government, but is waiting upon the certificate before it can officially announce the formation of the group and begin collecting funds from prospective members.

Representatives from the DCTG met with the Chamber of Commerce at the end of April and were promised that the licence would be granted once the final pieces of paperwork had been processed.

The DCTG is confident that will happen this month, meaning the association can begin its activities ahead of schedule. Earlier this year, Talal Ahmed Al Zaabi, boss of reseller Grandsys and chairman of the DCTG, said he did not expect the group to launch until the second half of 2007.

Rakesh Bohra, general manager of the WiFi Computer Zone and a key figure behind the creation of the DCTG, says the group will abide by the principles of "unity, security, profitability, integrity and governance", and meet on a weekly basis to exchange information, set pricing guidelines and address members' concerns. "We already have 200 resellers signed up and no sooner than we are allowed to make an official announcement I am sure we will have 600 people on board," said Bohra, who estimates that more than 2,500 computer dealers ply their trade in Dubai.

The DCTG has not yet disclosed membership rates, but it is thought that it could levy an initial joining fee of around US$275 and then charge a much lower annual renewal fee.

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